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Choosing The Best Floor Joist Solution For Your Project

Planning and running a construction project calls for near military precision in order to get all the component parts right and in the right place at the right time. The construction industry is notorious for delays caused by the Great British weather and by occasional hiccups that, with hindsight, could maybe have been avoided.

Prefabricated floor joists – a great solution all round

When it comes to getting a build completed in a short space of time, without compromising on build quality or running out of budget, a great bonus is choosing the right component parts. At Ochil we’re seeing more and more architects and construction experts turning to prefabricated floor joists to save time, to enjoy the flexibility that this solution brings and to complete their build on budget.

Meet SpaceJoist and FloorTrus

SpaceJoist and FloorTrus are our preferred floor joist solutions at Ochil. That’s why we’ve chosen these as our flagship floor joist solutions. You can find both products on our website here, but here’s an at-a-glance run-down on why we’re so confident that choosing either of these solutions is sure to please.

SpaceJoist – the open web solution

At Ochil we design, manufacture and supply SpaceJoist, which is a gold award winning open metal web joist for use in floors, floor cassettes and ceilings. This option can be top hung, removing the need for a rim board and decreasing the risk of shrinkage as well as increasing airtightness.

SpaceJoist is quick to install, which helps speed up onsite construction time. A strong and acoustically efficient solution, there are two other great things about this floor joist solution that makes it so attractive. The first is that its open web construction means you can run services without having to drill or notch. Most of our clients find that this is a great bonus because it reduces the risk of error and the time spent making any errors that are made right. The second is that this solution offers longer spans than traditional timber, which is a real bonus.

FloorTrus – timber web joists

At Ochil we also manufacture timber web joists that have all the same features and benefits, plus a few more that you would expect of their metal web counterparts. The brand name is FloorTrus.

The FloorTrus system is revolutionary in the UK and Ireland. In fact, robust, resistant and revolutionary are the keywords to sum up this product range, which can be made to any depth between 219mm and 600mm. This solution delivers all the freedom you need to allow for large services in any position. FloorTrus is a head-on competitor to concrete floors.

Both of these options provide flexibility, excellent acoustic performance, easy access for plumbing and mechanical runs and cost saving opportunities. Put all of these things together with Ochil’s expertise and support and you soon start to see that choosing the best floor joist solutions for your construction project starts right here.

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