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Ochil - part of the timber floor joist elite

Ochil has been manufacturing timber floor joists and supplying them to discerning architects, builders and construction companies for over 40 years. We’re known for the quality of our products as well as for being innovative and using smart technology. But today we’re particularly proud to have been listed alongside the world’s elite when it comes to the timber floor joist market.

Market Research

Timber Floor Joist Market - Key Insights

Space Market Research, in conjunction with FactMR published Market Research on October 18th sharing significant Timber Floor Joist Market Key Insights and Booming Factors up to 2028. This company gave their valued views on the peculiarities of the timber floor joist market; where they think the market is likely to grow and where it’s predicted to remain stagnant, as well as naming a range of key players. This is a significant piece of research in the global timber floor joist market that explains how timber joists are changing the approach to building and making builds more efficient and effective.

The Space Market Research report presents the dynamics of this market as well as how the market is segmented by product type, application and end use. It explores single, double and frame triple joist product types as well as the differences between the commercial and domestic markets. It makes interesting reading for anyone in building, architecture, construction or the timber floor joist manufacture/production sector. This is why we wanted to share it with you. You can read the full report here.

When it comes to the global spread of demand for timber floor joists, the report, not surprisingly suggests that the Asia Pacific region is likely to make up the highest demand in the period under examination. It also acknowledges the significant growth in demand that India and China have seen already. While the UK and certain European countries (France and Germany in particular) aren’t being hailed as markets predicted to experience huge growth, at Ochil we don’t see that in any way as a negative. The fact is that these markets are already, and have been for some time, adopting this way of working.

Ochil listed amongst the timber floor joist elite

Ochil is particularly proud to be listed alongside some of the best timber floor joist players in such a prestigious piece of industry research. If you’re not familiar with our timber floor joist solutions, you can find them here.

Meet SpaceJoist and FloorTrus

The first, SpaceJoist, is a solution that can be constructed off-site as a floor cassette. It speeds up on site construction and provides a safe working platform for the erection of subsequent floors. FloorTrus, our other solution is a timber web joist that has all the key features and benefits of its metal web counterparts and a whole lot more. It allows for large services and is particularly robust.

If you’re looking for a timber floor joist solution that comes from a company being mentioned alongside the best in the world, look no further. Get in touch and request a quote.

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