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Plumbing & Mechanical Considerations When Choosing Floor Joists

Both commercial and domestic new builds are understandably subject to significant building regulation, but when it comes to the construction of floors, there are several choices that conform. What makes some of the choices different is that they conform and perform at the same time.

Creating a successful overall build relies on the trades working together to create synergy. With the right planning, the success of any new build can be significantly improved. One area where planning can fall down is allowing for plumbing and mechanical work when choosing floor joists. Lack of forward planning at this stage can mean duplication of work, delays and less than ideal outcomes.

Save time and money

If you’re choosing floor joists, opting for SpaceJoist or FloorTrus, the open web floor solutions that we recommend at Ochil, will make your life as an architect or builder a whole lot easier.

Gold Standard SpaceJoist

SpaceJoist is a timber and metal support system that keeps floors level and sturdy. A fast and efficient way to move a renovation or new build forward quickly, this solution creates an interconnecting flooring network that absorbs vibrations and reduces squeaking. But more than this, Spacejoist provides easy access for plumbing and mechanical work, which means that speed and simplicity are part of the SpaceJoist solution. And then there’s FloorTrus, the timber web joist equivalent.

Environmentally friendly FloorTrus

FloorTrus is the ideal choice for any environmentally conscious clients, designers or planners because of its timber structure. A highly robust option, this solution can be made exclusively using home grown Scottish timber and can be made to any depth between 219 and 600mm, making it an extremely versatile choice.

No need for drilling or notching

The open construction of both of these solutions mean that services can be run without drilling or notching. Not only does this way of working mean that services can be run quicker, it also means that the risk of error is significantly reduced, which in turn reduces the potential for costly remedial work.

The SpaceJoist metal web joist system and the FloorTrus timber web system allow for plumbing and mechanical runs in new builds and renovations in a way that few other pre-fabricated floor joist systems do. What’s more, SpaceJoist is able to achieve longer spans than traditional timber – giving you all the flexibility you need.

Peace of mind, speed and stress-free

When you choose either of these options, you get the peace of mind of knowing you can run services efficiently and effectively, speeding up the build process and reducing the time that contractors spend onsite. All this means that clients can get into their building faster and the whole build process is less frustrating all round.

If you’re planning a new build or a renovation, getting the team at Ochil on-side makes complete sense. You can request a quote here or call us on 01324 825503 to draw on the expertise we have in our team.

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