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SpaceJoist – The First Open Web Joist to Achieve Gold Standard

Silence really is Golden

Ochil Timber is, and has been the proud supplier of SpaceJoist for quite some time now. An open web floor solution that we know, like and trust, there are a whole range of reasons why architects and builders share our view. And the great news is that we’re now delighted to announce that our enthusiasm for SpaceJoist has reached an even wider audience.

Spacejoist wins Gold Award

The Scottish Sustainable Buildings Gold Standard Award

SpaceJoist recently won a Scottish Sustainable Buildings Gold Standard award and is the first open web joist to do so.

Recent independent testing has resulted in this superb product winning a gold standard award, in particular for its acoustic performance. The award was granted after stringent independent testing. The Gold Standard Award was given for noise separation (domestic) non separating floors. We are incredibly proud that SpaceJoist is the first open web joist in the market to deliver this performance and accordingly win this award.

The Gold, 45dB award was presented to the SpaceJoist 254mm deep option which comprises 22mm chipboard on SpaceJoist at 600mm centres, British Gypsum RB1 resilient bars at 400mm centres perpendicular to joints, lined to the underside with 15mm gypsum wallboard.

ITW, the manufacturers of SpaceJoist are understandably promoting this great news to architects, builders, housing associations and engineers alike – and for good reason. What this means is that irrespective of whether you’re a design professional, client or you’re in the construction industry, you can choose SpaceJoist when you want Gold Standard sound performance. In other words, when you choose SpaceJoist, the silence really is golden.

Gold Standard Support From Ochil Timber

If you’re an architect or builder who is seeking Gold Standard silence, get in touch today to discuss the great reasons to choose SpaceJoist at Ochil Timber. It really is the ideal combination of the perfect product and the right team to support you in your project.

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