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View Our Timber Construction Case Studies

View Our Timber Construction Case Studies

At Ochil, we’ve been in business for over 40 years and are proud of the fact that we invest the time to really understand what our clients need. When an architect or a housebuilder needs roof trusses, timber rafters, floor joists or even stud walls and they choose Ochil they get the power of the whole team behind their solution.

The way we see things, not only does working this way mean that the client gets what they need and want to complete their job on time and on budget, but it also means that our team gets more satisfaction from their work. That’s what we call a real win:win.

Roof trusses, timber rafters, floor joists and a whole lot more

Over the years we’ve worked on an array of different projects with a whole host of different clients, with some projects more challenging than others. In recent years, we’re proud to have played a small part in the likes of the Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village, St Andrews Student Residences and several primary school projects as well as a really challenging project on the island of Tiree. This experience means that we have a great story to tell and a real breadth and depth of experience to share to help you solve your building problems. You can read about some of our projects in our Timber Construction Case Studies, which you can find here.

Helping architects and housebuilders visualise solutions in action

We take the time to share our client journeys on our website, not to show off, but because we feel it helps tell the story of how each project has progressed. It also helps to demonstrate the part that Ochil has played.

You can see our range of Case Studies here, by following this link. The videos, images and text on each of the projects we talk about are there to help any other architects or housebuilders visualise how the solutions we offer at Ochil have made others’ lives easier or made their projects more cost effective. Each stand-alone Case Study provides an outline of the problem the client was facing; the challenges that came with the job; the solution that Ochil provided and the outcome.

By taking a few minutes to look at these Case Studies, you’ll get a great idea of the value we can add to your projects now and in the future.

Commitment to service and innovation

At Ochil we’re committed to delivering top quality service alongside innovative timber construction solutions. Innovation and smart use of technology runs through everything we do. This means that when you choose an Ochil solution, you can expect efficiency, cost effectiveness and a determination to find a solution to even the toughest of challenges.

We’re here to help make your job easier. Reach out today to get support from the team or click here to ask for a quote online.

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