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Why choosing an independent timber manufacturer pays off

DIY chains and Builders Merchants are everywhere, supplying all sorts of solutions to all sorts of people. With bigger chains it can often seem like the easier option to turn to, opening up a range of products that are quick and easy to access, perfect for a one stop shop. However, don’t ignore other outlets; there are independent companies who specialise in specific building products who can be very competitive. Structural timber for the joists and roofs tend to be cheaper if bought from dedicated independent timber manufactures, but potential cost saving isn’t the only advantage.

At Ochil as an independent timber manufacturer, we know that we stand out, not just because our product range and quality are outstanding, but because we are small enough to pivot to meet our clients’ needs, yet big enough to punch above our weight when it comes to chain competition. Here’s why we think choosing an independent timber manufacturer pays off every time:


Vision is important to any business. Having a reason to do what you do day in and day out is what keeps any good business going.

At Ochil Timber we share the vision of our clients who want to help create a world where buildings can be put together professionally, efficiently and cost effectively from sustainably sourced materials. We do all we can to make our products as efficient and cost effective as we can so your life is made easier. While DIY stores and builders merchants will argue they do the same thing, as an independent we shape our vision to suit you, our client base and when your vision changes, we’re small enough to change too.


We know that service matters. It matters most when there is a problem or when you need someone to go the extra mile. When you have a problem and you’ve bought from a chain, you often get the impression of being passed from pillar to post. At Ochil Timber the whole team is accessible and committed to satisfying our client needs at every level, we work together to make your life easier. The outstanding thing about an independent is that the whole team stands or falls depending on service - there’s no one from Head Office to come in and bail anyone out.


Autonomy to innovate is something that, in our mind, really sets independents and chains apart. While chains have teams of (internal or outsourced) innovators working on new products pretty much continuously, their remit is often to look for generic building solutions, not yours. We pride ourselves on the short distance between your project and our innovation team. You tell us the challenges you’re facing and we work on a very specific solutions. That’s where we believe being an independent gives us real power to our elbow.

If you’re in search of roof trusses, floor joists, timber rafters or stud walls, why not try us out for yourself? We’d love to hear from you.

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