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Why Three Primary Schools Chose Ochil for Structural Timber

Everyone knows that primary schools play a huge part in both local communities and in the lives of parents and children. When schools need to expand their classroom space or general facilities, they look far and wide to find the right solution.

At Ochil Timber, we’re proud to have been selected as the preferred structural timber supplier for three local primary school projects. Here’s a little bit of background to explain why these three primary schools chose us:

Errol Primary School

Errol Primary School found itself in the situation of needing more classroom space for nursery and early year pupils. Their plan was to extend the school, but they wanted minimum disruption and, like everyone were working to a budget. The design options we provide at Ochil enabled them to save both time and money, yet still get the attention to detail and outcome they rightly insisted upon.

Working closely with Glulam Solutions, the team at Ochil took responsibility for the roof design. The outcome was the design and supply of 55 pre-insulated roof cassettes. These cassettes contained 342 high performance SpaceRafters that were fabricated off-site, craned into the job and dropped snuggly in place. Both the main contractor and the client were impressed at the seamless nature of such a mammoth task.

Kinnoul Primary School Kinnoul Primary School

Kinnoull Primary School

Kinnoull Primary School found itself in need of a Gymnasium and additional classrooms. But the big challenge at Kinnoull was difficult access and the need for up to 6m height studs. The main contractors, Morrison Construction needed a buildable solution that could overcome the access issues, was airtight and boasted high thermal performance. Ochil Timber’s approach was to take inspiration from that great Swedish retailer, Ikea.

In many ways, Ochil was perfect for this job, not just because we provided SpaceStud in untreated Scottish larch, but also because our innovative approach. Our way of thinking meant that the studs and components could be cut to size off-site and delivered in flat packs complete with full design drawings so they could be put together on-site, a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The outcome is the extra space that was required, plus an aesthetically pleasing, efficient and environmentally friendly space for the pupils to enjoy and develop.

Invergowrie Primary School

Perth and Kinross Council on this occasion chose Ochil Timber’s SpaceStud system as their structural timber solution. This new build was in fact Ochil’s first complete supply and erect school contract. With the whole construction made from home grown timber, this project really did fly the local flag. Complete with larch cladding and hemp insulation, this solution was cost effective, natural and highly appealing.

Using hemp in the manufacture of the wall studs meant that the walls were strong and lightweight as well as energy efficient. This build is a stunning example of a clever mixture of wet trades and wood solutions working together to create a really modern looking building that will age well.

If you are planning either a build or an extension and would like to draw on the expertise at Ochil Timber, why not get in touch? We have some great ideas to bring to your table as well as our innovative structural timber solutions, which will help you meet all your build objectives while staying within budget.

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