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Why We're One of Scotland's Top Roof Truss Manufacturers

Why Trusted Builders Choose Ochil Timber

As a builder, no matter how big or small the project you’re working on, you need to know that the materials you choose are the best from the point of view of quality and price. When it comes to choosing the likes of roof truss manufacturers, there are plenty to choose from, so choosing the right one can be confusing, and takes time and patience. 

Ochil Timber Roof Truss Installation

Choosing the right roof truss manufacturer isn’t easy

No matter whether you’re looking for a new roof truss manufacturer or you’re looking for a roof truss manufacturer for the first time, the selection process can be complicated. Ochil has a reputation amongst smart builders for being one of Scotland’s top roof truss manufacturers. That makes us extremely proud, but we didn’t get that reputation easily – we’ve worked very hard to get it.

Ochil roof truss manufacturers Scotland is steeped in history

At Ochil we have a rich history in Scotland's structural timber industry and have been the trusted supplier of solid trusses to discerning builders since 1973. Since then our reputation for great products and customer service has grown over the decades. Our modern factory in Denny in Stirlingshire is the hub of innovative and economic solid roof truss manufacture and is where our customers come to source roof trusses they can trust.

We are proud to be trusted by public sector clients as well as private sector contractors, builders, architects and builders’ merchants.

A wealth of experience and expertise

Smart builders choose Ochil because we are one of Scotland’s top roof truss manufacturers. We achieved that reputation thanks to our wealth of experience and expertise as well as by investing heavily in technology and having a highly innovative approach to design and development. The way we work enables us to take on highly challenging roof projects that certain other roof truss manufacturers aren’t able to handle, like curved roofs, mono-pitched roofs and some room-in-the-roof designs.

Trusted by a whole range of customers

Over the years our rafters have been widely used in housing, schools, offices, shops, hotels and leisure centre projects. More economic than traditional methods, they use 40% less timber than traditional roofs and can be used with timber frame, masonry and steel frame constructions.

From simple to complex roof truss manufacture – Ochil has the answer

No matter how simple or how complex your roof design, at Ochil we will rise to the challenge. We have the in-house expertise and knowledge to take on the most complex of roof truss solutions, yet our service, quality and price is also ideally suited to simpler, more run of the mill projects.

No matter what sort of roof you’re planning, why not join the smart builders and choose Ochil, one of Scotland's top roof truss manufacturers?

To start the ball rolling right now, you can get an online quote.

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