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Introducing SpaceRafter – high performance, low cost timber rafters

SpaceRafter is an innovative solution which is being recognised by more and more architects and builders as a really high performance, low cost timber rafters option. A solution that is particularly well suited to longer spans, SpaceRafter can also be supplied as roof cassettes. It is highly popular because it increases the speed of construction and can be top hung, eliminating the need for rim beams and hangers.

SpaceRafter Timber Rafter SolutionThis option is cleverly constructed using timber and a metal web design which provides deep insulation voids to increase thermal performance. What’s more, the long clear spans mean that the need for internal load-bearing walls is reduced. These benefits, alongside the lightweight construction of SpaceRafter means this solution is in high demand.

At Ochil Timber we design, manufacture and supply SpaceRafters, with much of the work happening off-site. This means that architects and builders can order their rafters and roof cassettes and have them delivered pre-fabricated. This approach not only reduces build time on site, it also reduces labour costs, the need for expensive crane hire and scaffolding as well as providing a safe working platform.

Thermal performance is also a concern for most contractors today and once again, SpaceRafter ticks their boxes. Its open structure allows for rigid, blown or quilt insulation to be fitted easily and speedily. And it’s an option that can be supplied in home grown timber on request.

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing SpaceRafter high performance, low cost timber rafters:

Long spans

The way SpaceRafters are constructed mean that they are ideal for projects where there are longer clear spans. Using solid timber typically calls for more immediate supports than this option; so where long spans are required, or where time is of the essence, this solution is a real winner.

Thermal performance

The voids in SpaceRafter timbers mean that there is plenty of space for rigid, blown or quilt insulation, allowing you to meet your thermal efficiency objectives smartly and cost-effectively.


SpaceRafter can be supplied in cassettes, which saves significant time on site and speeds up the entire build process.

Ease of handling

A surprisingly light solution, SpaceRafter is easy to move on site and doesn’t require crane hire, which is another reason why this is such a highly cost-effective option.


Equally suited to residential and commercial builds, SpaceRafter is a solution that can be considered across the board.

Once you’re familiar with this way of working you will see why more and more people are choosing this option. If you’d like to find out more about Ochil Timber’s SpaceRafter solution, or indeed any of our other efficient and effective structural timber options, why not get in touch?

We have decades of experience to bring to your table and pride ourselves on our innovative approach to help architects, builders and other clients achieve their build objectives on time and on budget.

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