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Work Smarter, not Harder with Ochil's Roof Construction Solution

As a builder or architect, you’ve almost certainly got a range of time and cost saving tactics that you turn to on a regular basis. The way the building industry is today, everyone’s margins are being squeezed, so looking out for ways to achieve the quality you insist upon on time and on budget makes complete sense.

Time-saving and cost-saving

At Ochil, we’re finding that more and more architects and builders alike are realising the time-saving and potential cost-saving benefits of choosing our timber roof construction solution. Working smarter, not harder is in effect what they’re doing. And it certainly seems to be paying off.

Suited to commercial and domestic use

Ochil’s timber roof constructions have a broad range of uses from commercial to domestic. Significantly more economic than traditional methods, they are suited for use no matter whether you’re building with timber, masonry or steel.

A streamlined building process

Our timber roof construction solution is highly versatile and can be delivered prefabricated on site when you need it to streamline your building process. A cost effective way of creating the construction you need, this way of working not only minimise the risk of delays due to bad weather, it also removes the need for onsite storage. In short, it will simplify your whole build process.

If you’re planning a build, no matter whether it’s a house, a school, an office, a shop or a hotel or leisure industry construction, you could make your life a whole lot easier by making this choice. A truly renewable building material, our roof trusses are also environmentally friendly and offer greater thermal efficiency than aluminium, steel or concrete.

At Ochil we’re proud of the flexibility and versatility that our timber roof constructions provide our clients.

Ochil’s timber roof structures in action

To illustrate what we mean, have a look at this exciting project we were involved with on Tiree. You can see the case study here.

These unique curved roofs would have caused most roofing suppliers a major headache, but at Ochil we took the design in our stride and were delighted to hear Jocky Bryce of Cornerstone Construction Scotland Ltd’s feedback, when he said: “Traditionally the roof trusses would all have been hand– made, but by using Ochil’s prefabricated trusses we saved several man hours on each job.” This is great testament to the benefits of working smarter rather than harder.

If you’d like to explore the different timber roof solutions that might work for any of your build projects, get in touch today or ask us for a free quote for your project.

We’d love to hear from you.

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