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Floor Joists

Ochil - part of the timber floor joist elite

Date: 28/10/2019

Ochil are proud to be listed alongside some of the best timber floor joist players in a recent, prestigious piece of industry research. Find out more.


Why Builders & Contractors Choose to Work with Ochil

Date: 24/10/2019

Here's why more and more of Scotland's builders and contractors are choosing to work with Ochil.

Roof Trusses

The Robust Roof Joist Solution That Saves Time & Money – SpaceRafter

Date: 30/09/2019

SpaceRafter is a high performance, low cost roof joist solution that saves time and money. It is a roof joist that’s manufactured off-site and delivered ready to slot into place.

Floor Joists

Engineered Timber Joists as Cassettes - Ready to Install

Date: 25/09/2019

Engineered joists are a smart construction solution made off-site in an environment that allows for extreme precision. Here's how they save time & cost.

Roof Trusses

Attic Roof Trusses Built to Specification

Date: 23/08/2019

Having Attic Roof Trusses pre-made means conversions run like clockwork and that there are no nasty surprises along the way. Find out how we can help.

Floor Joists

Our Timber Floor Joists & Floor Cassette Solution - SpaceJoist

Date: 14/08/2019

Our prefabricated timber floor solutions can be made to spec. & delivered to site right when you need them. Meaning your build will go like clockwork.


About our roof and floor design & certification service

Date: 24/07/2019

How Ochil Timer are committed to helping make life easier by delivering the roofing and flooring solutions they need and want.

Roof Trusses

The difference between engineered roof trusses & loose rafters

Date: 16/07/2019

The differences between roof trusses & loose rafters is something we’re often asked, so we think it’s something worth addressing in an article.

Floor Joists

Floor joists Gold Standard

Date: 27/06/2019

If you’re an architect, builder or construction company looking for floor joists, let us introduce you to SpaceJoist, the Gold Standard floor joists.


Roof and floor cassettes – speeding up home building

Date: 14/06/2019

Housebuilders are always looking for ways to economise and speed up builds. Our roof & floor cassettes are delivered to the site & slotted into place.

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