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Choose the Best Prefabricated Floor Joists for Your Project

First, let’s talk about how the prefabricated floor joist options we provide can save you money through efficiencies. Undoubtedly, the greatest savings in laying floor joists come when you use a prefabricated system. They’re much easier to work with because they are delivered ready to slot into place. There is little or no on-site construction required – just your professional installation. This translates into money saved for you in labour and time on the job.

Ochil Timber floor joists being delivered on-site

Ochil Timber Floor Joists being delivered ready for installation.

The materials and manufacturing methods that Ochil Timber use on floor joists are highly specialised, not to mention, efficient. Accurate planning tools and careful calculation means that we use less materials and reduce timber waste. And the financial savings made from this is passed on to you, the customer.

Of course, standards and regulations in construction are sacrosanct, and making any kind of saving is only an attractive proposition if the solution delivers on quality. If you ask any of our customers, they will tell you that quality is the one thing that Ochil never compromises on.

Let’s take a look at your options.

SpaceJoist and FloorTrus

The names of the floor joist solutions that we supply are SpaceJoist and FloorTrus. With many decades in the construction industry behind us, we have chosen these specifically because they represent all the benefits we have outlined above.

Here is a brief overview of both solutions available to you.

SpaceJoist – Our Open Web Joist Solution

SpaceJoist is a gold award winning open metal web joist. It can be used in floors and ceilings and can also be supplied as floor cassettes. It can be top hung so there is no need for a rim board. It decreases the risk of shrinkage and is extremely airtight and acoustically efficient as a result.

SpaceJoist is prefabricated by Ochil and delivered to you for quick, easy installation. What also makes it so attractive to our customers though, is that its open web construction means you can run services more conveniently - without drilling or notching. This provides great flexibility and reduces errors. If that is not enough to persuade you, SpaceJoist also offers longer spans than traditional timber – another bonus!

FloorTrus – Our Timber Web Joist Solution

The brand name of the timber web solution we provide is, FloorTrus and it has been nothing short of revolutionary across the UK and Ireland. It can be made and supplied to any depth between 219mm and 600mm, which again, means more options and flexibility for you when it comes to running services. Put simply, FloorTrus is a head-on competitor and a great alternative to concrete floors.

So, as you can see, we build and provide timber web joists with some very impressive features and benefits - plus a few more that you might only expect of their metal web counterparts.

Both solutions will provide you with a greater amount of flexibility, enhanced acoustic performance, and ease of installation. Oh, and of course they both come with that all-important potential to save on budget.

Which one is most suited to your projects or working methods? SpaceJoist or FloorTrus? Our team is ready and waiting to help with that question and any others that you have - or to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Contact us now or send in a quick quote request here [LINK].

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