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Engineered Timber Joists as Cassettes - Ready to Install

What are engineered timber joists?

Engineered joists are a smart construction solution that are made off-site in an environment that allows for extreme precision and care. A manufacturing process that calls for a clever blend of human experience and up to date technology, engineered joists are changing the build process for many smart builders, architects and construction companies. Choosing engineered joists as cassettes means that you can achieve significant time and cost savings.

The benefits of choosing engineered joists

At Ochil we make SpaceJoist engineered joists that are constructed off-site as a floor cassette. When you choose SpaceJoist, your construction time is significantly reduced and safety is enhanced at the same time. It makes you think doesn't it?

The introduction of these engineered joists to any project means that you need less skilled labour on site, can rely less on the weather being on side and benefit from a safe working platform for building subsequent floors. This way of working means that you can organise the delivery of the floor cassette at the time you need it and you don’t need to worry about storing costly materials on-site. All of this adds up to significant cost savings by avoiding delays enforced on you by the weather or having to pay for on-site storage or security.

When it comes to the end result, SpaceJoist ensures level and sturdy floors that would be tough to accomplish otherwise. This is because the ITW metal webbing helps absorb vibrations and reduce squeaks. The way they are structured also means that mechanical and plumbing runs are made easy. This again is a great bonus when building complex structures.

Why choose Ochil?

Ochil is Scotland’s longest established, independent trussed rafter manufacturer. Founded in 1973, our team has decades upon decades of experience when it comes to producing engineered joists.

We’re committed to staying ahead of the game when it comes to embracing new technology and we use it to enhance our human capabilities wherever we can. But more than that, we go the extra mile by committing to speedy delivery and great customer service. We’ve got a reputation across the public and private sectors for delivering on our promises and that makes us incredibly proud and committed to what we do.

Get a quote online – it’s easy and fast

If you’re a contractor, builder or architect working on a build project and are considering incorporating engineered joists as cassettes to achieve easy installation and enjoy all the benefits of this way of working, you can get a fast and free online quote here.

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