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How Timber Floor Cassettes have Revolutionised House Construction

Timber floor cassettes are a relatively new concept that has, many would argue, revolutionised house construction for construction companies in Scotland and beyond. A cost effective, efficient, long lasting and safe construction solution, they are suited to both residential and commercial builds.

Ochil Timber floor cassettes

At Ochil, we supply timber floor cassettes of the highest quality with a range of options to suit our clients’ discerning needs. The name of our product is SpaceJoist. It’s an open metal-web joist that can be top hung to remove the need for a rim board and helps decrease the risk of shrinkage and increase air tightness. Here are just some of the ways that SpaceJoist timber floor cassettes could revolutionise your next construction project:


As you’re only too aware, residential and commercial construction and re-development is an expensive business in Scotland, as well as many other parts of the world. But the good news is that our SpaceJoist timber floor cassettes are an economical option that allow you to complete your build faster, safely and confidently.


When compared with other flooring solutions, timber floor cassettes are a real time-saver. They are assembled off-site in a controlled environment that guarantees high quality, consistency, and accuracy. Once transported to the construction site, they’re ready to put in place. You can organise delivery when you’re ready, which means there’s no need to stock and secure excessive amounts of material. In addition to this, their clever construction means that you can run services without the need for drilling or notching, which reduces the risk of time consuming errors.


The timber floor cassettes we supply at Ochil are built to your specification and each one is designed and manufactured in such a way that they have exceptional acoustic performance, together with reduced risk of vibration and squeaking. This makes this solution highly attractive to house builders and construction companies in Scotland. These quality cassettes can be used on ground floors as well as upper floors of residential and commercial developments.


Working at heights can be a risky business for both builders and other workers on a construction site. Timber floor cassettes help minimise risks as they are delivered pre-fabricated, so can be quickly and easily installed on arrival. What’s more they provide a safe platform for working at each stage of the build.


The technology used in the design and manufacture of SpaceJoist timber floor cassettes is second to none, which puts them at the forefront of construction industry developments – which means you are too. So as you can see, at Ochil we’re big fans of timber floor cassettes, but it’s not just us who finds this way of working revolutionary. Our customers do to. Most agree that this way of working has transformed house construction in Scotland and beyond.

Get in touch today to discuss your next build project and to find out more about our timber floor cassettes or ask for a quote online – it’s easy and fast.

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