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Key Benefits of Engineered Timber Floor Joist Systems

SpaceJoist from Ochil - Market-leading Open Web Floor Joist Solutions

Engineered Timber Floor Joist System

As you would imagine, in almost 50 years of being in business, we have seen many industry fads and trends come and go. If something sounds too good, or too cheap to be true, it usually is. When it comes to value, our industry is different from others. High standards are required to be met and there is no margin for error in construction. Safety and quality are paramount. Always. However, whilst there it is never advisable to take a cheap ‘that will do’ approach to which floor joist system you choose, you should be assured that you don’t need to pay a high premium either.

So how does our Timber floor joist system stack up when it comes to reliability and value. Let’s start by introducing it to you. The system we design, manufacture and supply is ITW’s SpaceJoist. It is an open web solution and uses high quality, sustainable timber strengthened (or webbed) with metal. Our customers love working with it because not only is it easy to work with, it gives them options.

Strength and Reliability 

We’ve all stood on a creaky old floor before. Once the humorous comparisons to an old horror movie have been made, a squeaky floor can become extremely frustrating. The reason this happens is that more traditional joist systems would, in time, react to downward pressure and vibration and their capacity to absorb is reduced. The metal webbing in SpaceJoist helps to create a much more fixed, stable solution and the capacity to absorb vibration and pressure is vastly increased.

That capacity to absorb vibration also means that the acoustic performance of these joists is excellent too.

Put simply, the high strength and reliability of SpaceJoist makes for a higher performing, longer lasting timber floor joist system.

Flexibility by Design

You have options with our timber joist system too. Lots of them in fact. SpaceJoists can be constructed off-site as floor cassettes. Floor cassettes can be delivered on-site pre-measured and pre-engineered. This speeds-up the whole construction process and ensures high performance.


As mentioned above, high performance and quality often come at a premium. However, that is not the case here. The reason for this is the highly efficient manufacturing processes that we use here at Ochil Timber. Over the years we have continually invested in the very best equipment and in employing only the very best staff. The result is an industry-leading manufacturing production facility at our Stirlingshire base. Our aim is to always minimise waste by careful planning and precision engineering.

Find out more about our SpaceJoist systems here, or contact us now if you would like to know more.

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