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Leading Timber Floor Joist Systems – SpaceJoist & FloorTrus

Quality and Reliability by Design 

Our customers expect quality of product and quality of service when they deal with a timber supplier – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This way of working has been firmly front-and-centre of what Ochil Timber has done for almost 50 years - and that will never change. If you are looking to choose the best timber floor joist system available, then you’re in the right place.

As you no doubt know, standards within the construction industry are highly scrutinised. Safety and quality checks are, quite rightly, extremely important. This is the case from the planning stage right through the installation to the finishing. It’s important that we take this into full consideration in the products and services that we can provide you with. 

It’s no idle boast to say that we are renowned for the quality of our products, and for being highly innovative with the technology we’ve continued to invest in. As a proud Scottish supplier, we’ve worked hard to be mentioned alongside the elite when it comes to timber floor joist systems. 

Meet SpaceJoist and FloorTrus

Floortrus Timber Floor Joist SystemSpacejoist cassettes ready for installation 

If you are not already familiar with SpaceJoist, our open web floor joist system, it is a highly versatile solution that can be constructed off-site and delivered as cassettes. Because they are prefabricated, floor cassettes markedly speed up on-site construction. They are extremely easy to maneuver and facilitate a safe working environment for the installation of subsequent floors. 

Spacejoist Timber Floor Joist SystemFloorTrus in situ

FloorTrus is our other solution. It is a timber web joist that has all the key features and benefits of its counterparts and a whole lot more. It can be made to any depth between 219mm and 600mm and allows for large services and is reliably solid and robust. FloorTrus can also be supplied as an eco-friendly solution, made from homegrown Scottish Timber (on request). Not only that, but we ensure that the off-cuts from roof truss production can be recycled for the webs.

Find out more about both floor joist systems.

Get a Price or Ask Advice

When you work with SpaceJoist or FloorTrus, you also get the benefit of working with our highly experienced team. If you would like more information about either of these products, get in touch with us now. Or if you already have plans drawn up that we can use to provide you with a free quote, you can send them to us with some details right here.

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