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Meet FloorTrus – when only timber web joists will do

FloorTrus Open Web JoistsWhen our clients are planning a build and only a timber web joist will do, at Ochil Timber we proudly recommend FloorTrus. The FloorTrus timber web joist system is breaking new ground and is a product that we’ve suggested again and again – always with great results.

It is breaking new ground because of its flexibility, ease of use and robustness. A highly configurable solution that allows for large services to be installed in any position, it can be produced in depths ranging from 219mm to 600mm. One of the other great things about FloorTrus is how tough it is. In fact, its strength gives it real appeal both in transportation, in use and in dynamic loading situations – making it a real leader in its field.

Another important factor for many of our clients when choosing a timber web joist is the environmental friendliness of the product, and once again, FloorTrus delivers. At Ochil Timber we provide an option to choose home-grown Scottish timber in its production and cleverly used off-cuts in the webs, which means this product really does punch above its weight on the environmental front.

If you are on the lookout for a real alternative to concrete flooring, then FloorTrus ticks all the boxes.

10 Reasons We Recommend FloorTrus:

FloorTrus Open Web Joists1. Strength

FloorTrus is incredibly robust, which is an advantage all the way from pre-installation to well beyond completion.

2. Consistency

This solution provides consistent depth and height, making covering installation easier, which speeds up your job.

3. Flexibility

FloorTrus facilitates real design flexibility and is particularly tolerant of long spans, making it an attractive solution in a whole host of situations.

4. Fitting Options

It can be top hung, for example.

5. Allows for easy access

When you choose FloorTrus, you get easy access for plumbing and mechanical runs, including commercial air handling systems, taking away the need for drilling and cutting.

6. Cost Saving

Trades work faster on site and necessity for using intermediate load bearing walls is reduced.

7. Effectiveness

FloorTrus is particularly effective at reducing vibration and squeaking, which is a significant advantage in many builds.

8. It is Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to its clever construction approach.

9. Speed Of Installation

The benefits will reduce the amount of time trade contractors spend on site, speed up construction and ultimately save the builder money.

10. Less waste

The bespoke nature of this solution means that there are no site alterations and less waste of time and resources.

Are You Looking For Timber Web Joists?

If you’re looking for a timber web joist solution for a project you’re planning, please get in touch. At Ochil Timber, we pride ourselves on the expertise and support we share with our clients to help make a real difference to their projects, just take a look at our case studies. If you’d like to find out how we can help you make sure that your project goes without a hitch, all you need to do is send a quick enquiry.

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