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Our Timber Floor Joists & Floor Cassette Solution - SpaceJoist

Level and sturdy floors are priority when you’re involved in a build project. As an architect or builder, you know that flooring strength is at the core of every build and is fundamental when it comes to absorbing vibrations and reducing squeaking. And then of course there’s the need for easy access for mechanical and plumbing runs. With the growing complexity of buildings today, easy access and flexibility are key to build speed and efficiency. 

Timber Floor Joist Plans Architects

Timber joists made easy – made to measure

At Ochil we’ve been in business since 1973 and we were Scotland’s first independent timber joist and roof truss manufacturer. Since we started in business we’ve stayed ahead of the pack by keeping up to date with evolving building methods and embracing the most up to date technology where we can.  We work closely with our clients to provide solutions that enable them to save time, reduce labour costs and avoid the need for costly on-site storage.

Our prefabricated timber joists can be made to your specifications, on our premises and delivered to your site at the moment you’re ready for them. What this means is that your build can be planned to go like clockwork. It also means you’re not having to call on and call off highly skilled labourers because of unpredictable weather. What’s more, working this way relieves you of the pressure of relying on the team getting everything right under challenging on-site circumstances. When you choose prefabricated timber floor joists, you get your floor joist constructed off-site and get it delivered when you need it.

SpaceJoist timber joists (floor cassettes)

One of the greatest things about SpaceJoist floor cassettes is that they enable your build to move ahead rapidly. The way they are made means that they can be slotted into place when you are ready, letting you take advantage of the safe working platform they provide for the erection of subsequent floors. 

With SpaceJoist timber joists there is no compromise. They offer optimal performance when it comes to strength and acoustic values. When you choose SpaceJoist timber joists or floor cassettes you get:

• Flexible design that can accommodate long spans and that can be top hung.

• Excellent acoustic performance.

• Easy access for plumbing and mechanical runs.

• Cost savings, particularly in the reduction of construction errors.

• Reduced vibration and squeaking.

• A speedy and simple build.

• The whole team of Ochil experts behind you.

FloorTrus – timber web joists

If you need a timber joist solution that has all the key features of a metal web option, then FloorTrus is likely to be of interest to you. The first of its kind in the UK and Ireland, FloorTrus can be made to any depth between 219 and 600mm, which means that it’s ideal for large services in any position. Robust and resistant, FloorTrus is unrivalled by any other timber engineered alternative.

If you’re looking for timber floor joists and are keen to work efficiently and safely, then Ochil is your ideal supplier. To get a quote online now, all you have to do is click here.

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