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What Are Open Web Timber Floor Joists?

Open web joists are used to construct upper floor areas in residential buildings. Also known as open metal web joists, this solution can also be applied to buildings with flat roofs – both residential and commercial. Put simply, these joist systems provide a level, solid surface. Once installed, flooring can be laid directly on top of the joists and mechanical fittings, such as piping and wiring, can be accommodated within them.

The ‘webbing’ in the name refers to the solid steel fittings that hold the timber joists together. These specially designed webs help provide enhanced strength and stability by comparison to traditional all-timber systems. The solid construction methods that we use here at Ochil means that a higher degree of vibration is absorbed and floor squeaking is much reduced.

What Are Open Web Timber Floor Joists?

Timber Floor Joists from Ochil

Ochil Timber has been a trusted supplier of open web floor joists to Scotland’s construction professionals since the early 1970’s. We design, manufacture and supply a system called ‘SpaceJoist’. SpaceJoist is an industry renowned ITW solution that is used in floors, floor cassettes and ceilings.

Here are just some of the reasons our customers choose to work with our floor joists time and time again:

  • Flexible design options, (E.g., longer spans and can be top hung)
  • Premium acoustic performance
  • Reduces vibration and squeaking
  • Ease of access for mechanical runs
  • Cost effective - minimises errors
  • Minimises install times, savings on contractor fees
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Speed and simplicity of build
  • Ideal for Floor Cassettes

Let’s Talk

The team at Ochil can offer winning solutions and sound advice on all aspects of floor joists - and timber frame construction in general. By working with us, you will be tapping into the expertise and experience we bring to bear for architects, developers and our other customers. By working closely with our team, they are able to achieve their project goals more easily – and cost-effectively. We’re ready to work closely with you too.

Get a quick quote now for your next project or contact us for any advice or information. We are waiting to hear from you.

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