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Which type of floor joists to use

Let’s take look into which types of floor joist systems you can choose to work with during a construction project. We will also look at what you need to consider when making your decision on which to choose.

Open web Floor Joists in place

Simply put, joists are installed in a building structure to define levels, or floors. They need to be as well-designed and structurally sound as the building that surrounds them. Floor joists also need to be able to absorb vibration, load bear and provide additional support for the surrounding walls. Good quality, well-fitted floor joists will remain sturdy, rigid and will not squeak for the entire lifetime of a building.

There are a number of different systems that builders and architects consider when creating a new building; these may be traditional lumber joists, I-beam joists, open web floor joists. Almost every floor joist system that you consider will have a list of pros and cons. Also, almost every builder or architect may also have a personal favourite. But all good builders and architects are also open to change where improvement can be made.

As we approach 50 years in the industry, we can say with full confidence that the very best systems we have ever manufactured and supplied are the metal-web joists that we now supply. Actually, we supply 2 systems, our most popular system is called SpaceJoist and we also have an alternative, called ‘FloorTrus’. 

Both systems share the following benefits:

  1. Quick and easy to install, saving time and resources.
  2. Wider spans mean more space for service runs.
  3. Highly flexible for designers.
  4. Outstanding acoustic performance.
  5. Cost-effective because they use less materials.

In addition to the above, SpaceJoist can also be top-hung. And can be supplied prefabricated as cassettes and delivered straight to site.

FloorTrus’ other qualities are it can be constructed using local, Scottish timber and offcuts. As a result, it is one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives to concrete floors around.

Floor Joists from Ochil Timber

When you choose to work with SpaceJoist or FloorTrus, you also get the benefit of working with our highly experienced team. If you would like more information about either of these products, you can check out the Technical Specifications or, simply get in touch with us now.

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