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If you’re on the lookout for a room in the roof attic truss supplier, the chances are you have a client who’s looking for extra space.

For many people in Scotland these days, space is at a premium. Ask most people in your circle of friends and they’ll tell you that they could do with an extra room or two. But moving to a bigger house isn’t possible for everyone. That’s why more and more builders, construction companies and architects are being asked to build out or build up to give families, couples or even singles extra space.

Attic Trusses

There are any number of reasons why people might want an extra room. Here are just some of them:

An office at home

Working from home is an option chosen by lots of people today. What most home workers look for is a dedicated workspace where they can close the door on their professional life at the end of the day. Not everyone has enough bedroom space to have this luxury, so they look to create an office in the attic.

The patter of tiny feet

Growing families also give rise to a desire for extra living space. Gone are the days where kids are happy to pair up or even stretch to 3 or 4 sleeping in the same (albeit big) bedroom. Even younger children are seeking their independent sleeping space where they can get away and have some solo time. Attic space is a great solution for many families.

Morning bathroom queues

And then there’s the bathroom saga. How many families do you know who want more bathrooms but simply don’t have the space? Creating sleeping and en suite facilities in the attic is a great way of cleverly using the best use of your roof space.

Room in the roof attic truss supplies

All of these are great reasons why your clients might be looking to add another room to their home.

You don’t need us to tell you that attic conversions can be tricky and getting them right takes great skill and attention to detail. One of the most important elements in the mix is the right attic truss, and finding a reliable, innovative and experienced supplier is key. At Ochil we have almost half a decade of attic truss manufacture and supply. And since 1973 have developed a reputation for being the “go to” place for discerning architects, builders and construction companies like you.

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If you’d like a quote for a room in the roof attic truss, simply send a few details and upload your plans for a quick, competitive quote from Scotland's most trusted supplier.

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