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Roof and floor cassettes – speeding up home building

Home building is a process that takes skill and expertise – that goes without saying. But the problem today is that more and more home builders are finding themselves under enormous pressure to cut costs and deliver - faster and faster. These demands are squeezing margins and making the whole build process more difficult. That’s why forward thinking housebuilders are constantly on the lookout for ways to make smart economies that speed up the home building process.

Helping you work smarter

At Ochil we work with a whole range of architects, home builders and construction companies and do all we can to help them work more efficiently and more effectively. Speeding up the home build process is something we’re constantly aiming to help our clients achieve. One of the ways we do that is by supplying prefabricated roof and floor cassettes that can be delivered to the site ready to slot into place.

How are roof and floor cassettes speeding up home building?

Roof and floor cassettes are prefabricated, and prefabricated solutions mean speed when it comes to home building. When you choose to have your floor and roof elements prefabricated in the form of cassettes, you can expect significant onsite labour savings and a meaningful build-time speed up. By reducing the need for labour, crane hire and scaffolding, it’s easy to see how these options make your build process faster, safer and more cost effective.

Floor cassettes, when compared with other floor building solutions are a real time-saver. They arrive on site pre-fabricated so quality, consistency and accuracy are assured. Not only this, but they can be delivered on site right when you’re ready for them. This saves the need for storage space and security as well as labour costs. Even after being installed they continue to make your life easier. Using this option means you can run services without having to drill or notch, which again speeds up the build and reduces the risk of errors.

When it comes to building a roof in particular, if you choose to build a roof on-site, you need two key things. The first is extra skilled labour and the second is good weather. With labour costs high and the Scottish weather unpredictable, it is easy to see how having a roof cassette delivered and in place on the same day makes life a whole lot easier and saves a great deal of time.

Tap into Ochil’s products that are backed by our team’s experience

At Ochil we have a range of structural timbers and components, such as SpaceRafter (timber rafters), SpaceJoist (floor joists) and SpaceStud (stud walls). Each of these solutions is suited to domestic, commercial and industrial builds of all shapes and sizes.

Committed to innovation and precision, our goal is to make your life easier and to help you maintain your competitive edge. Here’s an idea of what you can expect when you choose Ochil:

• Economical design solutions
• Highest quality products
• Excellent customer service
• Fast delivery times

If you’re on the lookout for ways to speed up your home building process, get in touch.

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