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Roof Cassettes - Timber Roof Construction Simplified

Keep it simple jigsawThere’s no getting away from the fact that construction is a complicated, high pressure industry to operate in. Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you how they’re under pressure to build well, quickly and at an increasingly challenging price. If you’re an architect, builder or construction company owner, you’re likely to have clients looking for high quality, speed and a great price every day.

Are you building roofs the difficult way?

Timber roof construction is a part of building that calls for skilled staff, working with real accuracy as well as a stock of materials ready on site to put into place when the weather permits. When put that way, it sounds reasonably straightforward, but when you look at the whole process of timber roof construction, it is filled with challenges. 

Mistakes cost money

Even the most skilled construction worker can make mistakes. It’s part of what makes us human. However, mistakes can be very costly when it comes to staying on schedule, looking after the safety of your workforce and getting paid for a job that ticks the customer’s boxes. 

The fact is, timber roof construction can be made easier – a whole lot easier.

At Ochil we are fully committed to making the construction process easier. That’s why we design and supply versatile trusses and timber components for a variety of architectural specifications, from the simple to the complex – including curved roofs, mono-pitched roofs, and room-in-the roof designs.

Timber roof construction made easy 

Ochil's Timber Rafter Solutions use ITW metal-webbing and make timber roof construction a whole lot simpler and easier. Trussed rafters are widely used in housing, schools, offices, shops, hotels and leisure centres. More economic than traditional methods, using up to 40% less timber than traditional roofs, they can be used with timber frame, masonry and steel frame construction.

Manufactured from timber, the only truly renewable building material, trussed rafters deliver on environmental credentials and have greater thermal efficiency than aluminium, steel, or concrete. Trussed rafters are also quick and simple to erect, keeping the use of skilled labour to a minimum.

Using our expertise in design and manufacture we offer complete solutions and advice on all aspects of roof engineering. This ranges from the creation of a specialist detail, through to the prefabrication of additional timbers such as spandrels for modular roofs and the delivery of whole-roof systems design.

Get a great team behind you

Established in 1973, Ochil was the first independent roof truss manufacturer in Scotland. We bring a wealth of experience to the design and manufacture of our timber roof trusses and when you choose one of our timber roof construction options, you get a great team behind you that will help you succeed – every time.

If you want to make your life a whole lot simpler, get a quick quote today.

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