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Timber Floor & Joist Building Regulations

Housebuilders and construction companies in Scotland are all too familiar with Building Regulations and Building Standards. While Building Regulations can be a pain in the neck from time to time, they’re made up of rules put in place by Scottish Ministers to make sure that all building work is safe, energy efficient and sustainable. So, irrespective of how frustrating we can find these regulations, we’re all behind the need to achieve these three goals.

At Ochil, we are of the mind that we need to work closely with housebuilders and construction companies to make it easier to stick to the rules, work efficiently and on budget. With this in mind, we focus on safety, energy efficiency and sustainability in every aspect of our work. We make sure that our timber floor and roof joists are:


When planning a house build, safety is high on everyone’s agenda. It’s essential to know that safety regulations are respected during the build process and beyond. The likes of SpaceJoist Floor Cassettes mean that construction can be achieved speedily and safely – which is a real win:win for housebuilders and construction companies alike.

Energy efficient

Energy efficiency is an extremely important element of any house build, not only for the sake of the environment, but also for the future economy of the owner. SpaceJoist Floor Joists are known for their airtightness, which means that heat loss and draughts are kept to a minimum. 


And whenever you speak wood and timber, sustainability is an essential factor. At Ochil we are huge supporters of sustainable forest management and are proud of our PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) status. We take the future of the planet seriously and make it easy for you to achieve your building regulations obligations when it comes to sustainability.

When it comes to timber floor and joists, Building Regulations are, not surprisingly, very specific and take into account all of the three elements of safety, energy efficiency and sustainability. When meeting regulations, you need to take into account a whole host of technical calculations relating to floor construction, overall structure, fire-resistance, damp-proofing, ventilation and thermal performance.

At Ochil we’re conversant with timber floor and joist building regulations and can help you make the right decisions when you’re planning your next project. All you need to do is ask our experts for the help you need.

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