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What Roof & Floor Cassette Systems Are and How They Work

At Ochil we design, manufacture and supply the SpaceRafter roof cassette system. SpaceRafter is a really cost effective, smart roof and floor cassette system which makes builds much simpler, safer and faster. They have a metal web design which provides deep insulation voids to increase thermal performance, long clear spans which can eliminate internal load-bearing walls and a lightweight construction which offers easy handling onsite. All in all they are a really clever way of achieving a great result.

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What are roof and floor cassettes?

The best way to answer that question is to introduce you to SpaceRafter. SpaceRafter can be constructed off-site as a floor or roof cassette and provides a room-in-the-roof panel solution which saves time, reduces costs and improves Health and Safety. When you choose this option, you improve build times on site, reduce labour requirements and cost as well as crane hire and scaffolding costs. The system also provides a safe working platform – which is great news from a Health and Safety point of view.

Meet the company behind SpaceRafter 

Ochil is Scotland's longest established, independent trussed rafter manufacturer. Founded in 1973, we are now one of the leading independent, engineered timber manufacturers in Scotland. Centrally based in Denny, Stirlingshire, we believe our success is down to our innovative and economic design solutions; our speedy delivery and our great customer service. We work across the public and private sectors, and include contractors, builders, architects and builders’ merchants among our customers.

Enjoy the great benefits of roof and floor cassettes 

When you choose SpaceRafter, you get a way of working that makes great sense for you, for your business and for your clients. If you started this article asking yourself “what are roof and floor cassettes?” and like what you hear so far, here’s a bit more detail about what you can expect when you choose this way of working:

Time savings

When you choose roof and floor cassettes, you don’t need to sit and wait for the weather to be on side to progress your build. Neither do you need huge teams of skilled workers. Working with roof and floor cassettes mean you can organise delivery when you’re ready and avoid costly delays.

Reduced costs

Selecting roof and floor cassettes that are constructed offsite means that you no longer need on site security nor do you need highly skilled workers or expensive cranes and scaffolding to get this technical build element right.

Improved Health and Safety

By providing a safe platform on which to move to the next stage of your build.

Real flexibility

Thanks to the long clear spans, you can eliminate the need for internal load-bearing walls meaning your plans can be more flexible. Also, when it comes to insulation, the metal web design of SpaceRafter allows for rigid, blown or quilt insulation. 

So, if you were intrigued and wondering ‘what are roof and floor cassettes?’ you’ll now see that SpaceRafter could make a real difference to your build. If you’d like to see how this solution could work for you, get a quote right now.

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