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Attic Roof Trusses Built to Specification

As an architect or builder, you’re likely to come across more and more people who are finding themselves short of space in their homes. It may be that their family has grown and that the 3 bedrooms that were a luxury at the start of their journey is now not enough. Alternatively, they might be one of the increasing number of people who want the luxury of working from home, but don’t want to do so in the middle of their lounge or kitchen.

attic roof timber conversion

When your clients are faced with the need for extra space there really are only two alternatives. They can move or they can extend. Extending might involve cutting into garden space to build another room on the side of the home or going up into the attic or down into the basement. In many cases, going up into the attic is the easiest, most attractive, and ultimately the most cost effective option. But from your point of view it’s a question of choosing the right attic roof trusses to get the speed, quality and price you need to make the job attractive all round.

Prefabricated attic roof trusses – built to specification

At Ochil we know that you can get a team on site who can construct the attic roof trusses in situ. But we also know that option can be costly, cause delays and pose logistical issues, particularly where space or access are limited. That’s why we’ve come up with prefabricated attic roof trusses that allow the majority of the work to take place off site and enable you to organise delivery when you’re ready, and when the weather is on-side.

Working this way means your attic conversion jobs can move ahead like clockwork and, with the right planning, there are no nasty surprises – for you or for your client.

Attic roof trusses with a roof light

Our attic roof trusses with a roof light allow you to create a room in the roof that is washed with light. With designs that enable economic domestic loading, pre constructed intermediate interfilling over the dormer and options for larger spans, these solutions are cost effective and as flexible as you need them to be.

Attic roof trusses with staircase trimming

For stairwells, multi-ply trusses or support walls are needed on each side of the opening and binders are needed to support the floor joists and roof infill. Our attic roof trusses with staircase trimming come with these boxes already ticked, enabling you to trim the staircase in the traditional way. Once again, by building these attic roof trusses off site and having them delivered when you need them, there are significant labour and time savings to be made.

At Ochil we’ve been established since 1973 and were Scotland’s first independent roof truss manufacturer. Embracing technology and innovation, we’ve worked hard to retain our reputation to this day, by supplying everything from the simplest, to the most complex roofing solutions to some of the most discerning clients.

If you’re working on an attic conversion and are keen to work the smart way, you can move to the next stage right here, right now: get a quote online.

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