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Cost-effective Timber Roof Trusses from Ochil

Cost-effective Timber Roof Trusses from Ochil

When someone tells you that something is 'cost-effective' you could be forgiven for assuming it's cheap or low in quality. Or at the very least it's something that's perhaps not yet a wholly tried and trusted solution. We get it, and to tell the truth, we are exactly the same.

As an architect or a builder, the last thing you want is to try out a new timber roof truss system on an important project. You'd be shrewd to think they might save you a few quid in the short term, but that you may be compromising on quality or, more importantly, product safety and longevity. With almost 50 years in the trade, we fully understand this. Indeed, it defines how we approach our work. It is not an option for us to supply any product that is not recognised and accredited throughout the construction industry.

Put simply, our timber roof trusses are cost-effective for 2 primary reasons:

1. They have been designed and refined by experts over many years to use up to 40% less timber than standard roof trusses. Just think about that for a moment; 40% less timber. The savings on materials alone are extremely sizeable - and those savings are passed on to our customers through competitive pricing.

2. They are highly versatile. No matter how complex the structure you are building, it can be achievable. This, of course, saves on expensive construction time and reduces hours spent on-site. As we approach nearly 50 years in business, there's not much we haven't seen or done.

For an example, take a look at this case study to see how these specialist curved roofs were built on the remote Scottish island of Tiree. Jocky Bryce of Cornerstone, the construction company involved said, "By using Ochil's prefabricated trusses we saved several man-hours on each job."

Our MD Andrew McAree explained how these trusses were prefabricated to accommodate the curves; "By plotting the exact placement of the joints on the trusses we were able to deliver a perfect curve on the external surface of the finished roof."

Quality and Affordability by Design

As an architect or builder, the last thing you want to be is a guinea pig for new ideas when it comes to roofing. With regulations as strict as they are, and margins as tight as they are, you can't afford to be trying out risky solutions. That's why so many Scottish builders and architects keep coming back for Ochil Timber Roof Trusses.

By choosing to work with Ochil Timber, you can be assured that the solutions you install are tried, trusted, and proven – time and time again. Our long-standing partnership with ITW means that we are always up to date with the latest design technology. So, from standard build roofs to those more complex – including curved roofs, mono-pitched roofs, and room-in-the roof designs – you can rely on our team of experts to help you to achieve your vision.

As you can now appreciate installing the very best Timber Roof Trusses on your next project is easily achievable – and at a very competitive price. Why not ask us for a quote for your next project now? It's quick, simple and it's free.

You can't get more cost-effective than that.

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