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Curved Roof Trusses Manufactured to Your Specification

In most buildings, roof trusses are used to support an apex. However, some projects call for something that little bit different.

Our trussed rafters are widely used in homes, schools, offices, shops, hotels and leisure centres. However, they are also regularly used in more unusual, some might say eye-catching, settings too. Curved roof trusses can be designed and manufactured by Ochil Timber to create a solid, supportive and enduring solution.

Curved Roof Trusses

Due to the more intricate design and build requirements, curved roof trusses are of course more expensive than straight ones, but the benefits that they provide mean it can be well worth it.

Key Benefits of Curved Trusses

There are many different options and applications when it comes to roof trusses [LINK].  and each job is different of course, but some of the key benefits are:

  • Due to the precision planning and building techniques used by Ochil Timber, we can guarantee to always take ease of installation into consideration. Reliability and ease of fitting saves you time and money, whilst ensuring the very best quality and performance.

  • Curved and bespoke roofs always provide a spectacular finish to any building. They will help you create a truly unique look for any construction project.

  • Our accurate costing and efficient use of materials means that prices are among the most competitive you will find anywhere in the country.

The experienced team here at Ochil Timber love a challenge. And over the years we have worked on some truly innovative projects with our clients. We always work closely with them to ensure the best possible outcome.

Home in Tiree, Scotland with curved roof

A fine example of this is the case study that you can view here where we were delighted to help with a specialist project on the idyllic Scottish island of Tiree. Here, two truly unique family homes were constructed, and another one was extended – all featuring spectacular, period-accurate curved roofs. Jocky Bryce of Cornerstone Construction said, “Traditionally the roof trusses would all have been hand– made, but by using Ochil’s prefabricated trusses we saved several man hours on each job.” Read the full case study and find out more about this project here.

The truss systems we provide are highly economical and use up to 40% less timber than traditional roofs. They can be used with timber frame, masonry and steel frame construction. All of the timber we use is of course sustainably sourced too, and as we mentioned above, all timber waste is cut to an absolute minimum due to our efficient manufacturing processes.

By working with Ochil Timber, architects, builders and our other customers are able to achieve their objectives more easily. We can work closely with you too to ensure that your deadlines are met with minimum fuss and maximum profit.

Get a quick quote for your next project or contact us for any advice or information. Our team are ready to help you.

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