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Get Roof Truss Prices from Your Plans

Roof trusses are the timber structures used in buildings to bridge the area above a room and provide support for the roof. Trussed rafters use up to 40% less timber than traditional roofs. They’re highly versatile in that they can be used in most buildings. Trussed rafters can be used in timber frame, masonry and steel frame construction.

Roof Trusses from Ochil Timber

If you’re looking for pricing for roof trusses for your project, we’ve made it really easy for you.

Choose A Leading Supplier

Before we outline how you can request a quick quote from us, let’s look at why construction professionals across Scotland choose to work with Ochil Timber. Here are some reasons why we are one of Scotland’s leading suppliers.

Established Quality & Reliability

Ochil was the first independent roof truss manufacturer in Scotland, and are now one of the longest established. Our business was formed in 1973 and our customers know that they can benefit from our extensive experience. As you would imagine, with almost 50 years in the industry, there is not much that our team hasn’t seen or done in the design and manufacture of timber roof trusses. They also know that our approach is to always continue to innovate and provide high quality, reliable solutions.

Our design team uses highly specialist software provided by ITW, and we design and supply winning roof truss solutions and timber components for a variety of architectural applications – large or small, simple or complex. Our customers rely on us time after time and we take that partnership very seriously.

So, no matter how complicated your roof design is, or how challenging the plans, we can provide you with competitive prices too.

Get A Quote Now

You can request a quote from us anytime you need to – 24/7 in fact. Simply visit our Get A Quote page, supply a few details, upload any plans or drawings you have - and leave us to do the rest. It takes less than a minute to do and one of our experts will look over the details you provide and get back to you quickly.

When they choose to work with Ochil as their roof truss supplier, our customers get the benefit of many decades of experience. Our staff are 100% committed to making sure that you get the best solution for your build – at a price that makes sense.

Experience combined with the state-of-the-art technology we harness makes us one of the most trusted, competitive, and committed roof truss manufacturers in Scotland. 

If you’re looking for roof truss prices for your next project, get in touch now. All quotes are free and you are under no obligation to buy. It costs nothing to talk to us. Get your quote online now.

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