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Get the Best Roof Trusses in Scotland for your Build Project

As a housebuilder in Scotland roof trusses are more than likely a regular feature on your building agenda. But as you know, there are roof trusses and there are roof trusses. If you’re looking for the best roof trusses in Scotland for your build project, then you’re in the right place.

At Ochil we know that you need a roof truss solution that ticks your specific project’s boxes yet won’t break the budget. Getting the balance right between quality and price is a constant juggling act. But get it right you must in order to meet your clients demands and to maintain your reputation.

Roof Trusses In situ

The best roof trusses in Scotland

At Ochil, we don’t believe we’re exaggerating when we say we can supply you with the best roof trusses in Scotland. After all, we’ve been supplying the trade for the last 45 years, so we have certainly stood the test of time. Without exception, the whole team at Ochil is committed to getting the right product to suit every clients’ needs. This is a bit part of the reason for us having a reputation for being the supplier of the best roof trusses in Scotland.

Flexible solutions backed by experience

When you choose to work with Ochil, you are guaranteed a wealth of experience together with a real determination to find a solution, no matter how challenging your roof truss requirements are. In fact, just to prove the point, why not check out a project we were involved in not so very long ago on the island of Tiree. You can read the full story here.

Everyone at Ochil loves a challenge To cut a long story short, the roof trusses required for these curved roof installations (built by Cornerstone Construction) were innovative to say the least. Made to look like homes would have done many years ago, the curved roofs are intended to better withstand the challenging weather conditions that Tiree gets. On this particular project, we worked with the architects and builders to make sure that room in the roof space was included as well as all the functionality and aesthetics they required.

Taking all of this into account, Ochil as a place where you can come to get the best roof trusses in Scotland isn’t far from the mark. So, if you’re a housebuilder in Scotland, getting the team at Ochil on-side makes complete sense. Request a quote here or call us on 01324 825503 to draw on the vast expertise we have in our team.

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