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The Robust Roof Joist Solution That Saves Time & Money – SpaceRafter

SpaceRafter - Architect planning timber rafters

Pretty much everyone in the construction industry is looking for ways of building smarter and in a more cost-effective way. No matter whether you’re an architect, a construction company or a home builder, you’re likely to be feeling the pressure to move with the times and squeeze margins at the same time as working as speedily and safely as you can.

A robust roof joist solution

SpaceRafter is a high performance, low cost roof joist solution that saves time and money. It is a roof joist that’s manufactured off-site and delivered ready to slot into place. With a clever metal web design, this solution boasts deep insulation voids that increase thermal performance, as well as long clear spans. Also providing the opportunity for room-in-the-roof panels, SpaceRafter is arguably one of the most innovative and reliable roof joist solutions of our time.

Save time

When you choose SpaceRafter, build time on site improves because the roof joist arrives pre-fabricated. This means that you don’t have to call workers on and off site when the weather turns or when there are other delays. With this option, you get your build to the point when you’re ready to install the roof joists and take delivery. As well as meaning you’re less reliant on the Scottish weather working in your favour, this also means that you need less skilled labour on site and have a lower risk of time consuming errors occurring.

Save money

SpaceRafter isn’t just a time saver, which in itself is a cost saver, it’s a way of saving a whole range of other costs too. As we’ve already mentioned, working this way saves labour costs. But it also reduces the need for crane hire and scaffolding, which are often significant on-site costs. In addition, it also means that you need less on-site security because you’re not needing to protect a huge amount of valuable material that’s waiting to be used.

But more than that, the long spans that SpaceRafter facilitates mean that there is a requirement for fewer interim supports. Timber rafters can also be top hung, which eliminates the need for rim beams and hangers – another saving. So as you can see, by choosing SpaceRafter, there is a huge range of benefits.

Get exceptional support

When you choose Ochil to supply your SpaceRafters, you get more than 45 years of craftsmanship behind your decision. You get a team of experts on-side who are dedicated to finding the right solutions, delivering on time and providing first class customer service.

Ochil is Scotland’s longest established independent trussed rafter manufacturer as well as one of the leading firms in our sector. We don’t take this lightly and do all we can to maintain the excellent reputation we have in the public and private sectors.

If you’re looking for a roof joist option that is reliable as well as time and cost saving, get an online quote now and find out for yourself how appealing this solution is.

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