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Spotlight on Timber Roof Trusses

Welcome to the last of our current series of spotlight articles. In recent months, we have been speaking with some of our in-house experts to give you greater insight into our products and services. We hope that you have found these useful. It was our intention to give you an idea of how we approach our work and the high standards that we always strive to achieve on every job.

This time, we caught up with our Designer, Cameron McAree to ask him about our Roof Trusses.

Cameron McAree Ochil Timber

Hi Cameron, how long have you been working in the construction industry?

CM: I have been working here at Ochil Timber for 10 years.

In your experience of working with Ochil’s Roof Truss solution, what sets it apart from others that may be available on the market?

CM: The trusses are made to a very high standard delivered quickly and on time.

What are the main savings and benefits for your customers when they choose to order roof trusses from Ochil?

CM: The prices are always very competitive but not only that the design team takes a lot of time and care over their designs. They are in constant dialog with the customers to make sure that they get exactly what they want. We are always on hand to help and advise if needed. This is the case not only for designing the roof but also after it is delivered. We are always available for any questions. 

What do you do as part of your job/department that ensures your customers get the highest standard of service and quality? 

CM: make sure that there is good communication at all times between ourselves and the customer so that the finished design and product supplied is 100% what the customer requires.

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Ochil?

CM: Using new software technology that allows me to come up with different design solutions that end up being used on-site and in buildings that will stand for many, many years.

Do You Need a Price for Roof Trusses?

You can find out more about our roof truss products here. If you have an upcoming project in mind, we’ve made it easy for you to upload plans and get a quick, accurate quote from us here.

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