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Why we're still one of Scotland's leading trussed rafter manufacturers

Since Ochil Timber’s humble beginnings back in the early 1970s, we have been a highly trusted supplier of trussed rafters to Scotland’s construction industry. Nowadays, of course, there is more circuit board than drawing board involved in how we design and develop our structural timber products. The trussed rafters that we manufacture, and supply are highly specialist but our approach to business has never changed.

Trussed Rafters from Ochil Timber

Ochil Timber Trussed Rafters

Over the years as we have grown in prominence within our industry. It has been a natural organic growth and, we’re delighted to say, one driven largely by word-of-mouth recommendation. We continue to put our customers first and it may sound corny, but we know that our success depends on our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Cost-effective, Economical Roof Trusses

The most basic description of roof trusses is that they fill the gap between a room and provide structurally sound support for the roof above. However, within that space, there is now greater leeway for designers and developers to be versatile and creative. With almost 50m years in the industry, there’s not much that our team of experts haven’t seen. We are comfortable with designing and supplying curved roofs, mono-pitched roofs, room-in-the roof designs, or a standard attic space. Ochil Timber is ready to help with your trussed rafter requirements be they simple or more complex and demanding.

The solutions we provide are crafted using highly specialist software from the globally renowned, ITW. This system enables us to be highly economical with the Timber that we use, and waste is always minimised. Our roof trusses are cost-effective and economical too. They can be spaced at 600mm centres, which means they can use up to 40% less timber than more traditional systems. Not only does this save money on materials, it also means they are really simple to erect on-site.

The team at Ochil can offer winning solutions and sound advice on all aspects of roof trusses and roof and construction in general.

Let’s Work Together

By tapping into the expertise and experience we bring to their projects, architects, developers and our other customers are able to achieve their objectives more easily. We’re ready to work closely with you too to ensure that your deadlines are met with minimum fuss and maximum profit.

Get a quick quote now for your next project or contact us for any advice or information. Our team is waiting to help you.

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