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Looking to Choose a Spandrel Wall Panel System?

What are spandrel panels?

Spandrel panels make up the vertical sides of roof space in a house or building. They sit directly over the building's walls below and finish the building with a vertical gable end that follows the pitch of the roof trusses. Once in place, they close off the roof space and offer support to the gable ladder overhangs and can be finished externally to match the rest of the building. Spandrels are also used to separate buildings into individual houses for fire & sound purposes and are generally called Party Wall Spandrels. Due to the Spandrels having to follow the pitch of the trusses and because they are generally craned into position at the same time as the roof trusses, it’s efficient to have Ochil Timber manufacture Spandrels for your project.  It can be quicker, safer, and more cost-effective to have them made off-site. They can also be split into separate smaller pieces if the gable is quite large, which means they’re much easier to transport and install than traditional gable ends.

spandrel panels

Spandrel panels being manufactured in our workshop, custom-made for delivery.

Spandrel Panels from Ochil Timber

Ochil Timber has been manufacturing and supplying spandrel panels for almost half a century now, and we have continually invested in their improvement. As with everything we produce, our spandrel panels comply with all the strict quality standards that apply to the construction industry. Our team of designers can also provide help with the pricing and planning of your project. And, if you already have architect plans in place, you can send them on and we will work to them.

A Trusted Supplier

Our customers know that when they work with us, they have the added benefit of gaining access to our in-house team of experts. They tell us that the collaborative approach that we take is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our customers trust us because we work in partnership with them. We seek to understand the challenges that they face, and we work with them to find solutions. If you’d like to see some examples of this,check out some of our case studies.

Cost-Efficiency & Sustainability

Everything that Ochil produces is done in line with our sustainability policy. All timber used is sourced, processed, and distributed within PEFC guidelines. As a fully certified PEFC supplier, we are regularly audited to ensure that we maintain and indeed exceed the very highest of sustainability standards.

Get A Quote for Spandrel Panels

The precision planning and manufacturing methods we employ mean we always look to minimise waste. By maximising our use of timber (and other materials), we can keep the cost of our spandrel panels down. In fact, you’ll find that Ochil Timber is extremely competitive when it comes to price. 

It’s really easy to ask us for a quick quote for your next project. Just fill in this form and send us some details and we’ll get right back to you. We’re also available to take your call during business hours on 01324 825503.

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