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An Industry-leading Structural Stud Wall Solution

Your introduction to SpaceStud from Ochil Timber

Stud walls are required to carry structural loads, or to be non-load bearing as a partition wall. Indeed, they are a critical element in any timber frame construction project.

The ITW SpaceStud System

The system that we manufacture and supply is ITW’s SpaceStud. It ticks all the boxes for our customers including the need for improved U Values in the construction industry. It can be applied in either open or closed wall panel construction and can be used in conjunction with steel frame construction projects. 

As a structural stud wall solution, SpaceStud offers flexibility in wall width, covering increased and variable widths, and accommodates insulation very economically.

SpaceStud structural stud wall solutionConstruction Method

Our team of experts manufacture SpaceStud with two timber flanges. These are spaced with clips and plated timber end blocks. This produces overall stud depths up to an impressive 258mm. This system has structural benefits too, delivering a much-improved racking resistance.

The construction of SpaceStud requires less timber than more traditional solid timber systems and is, therefore, one of the most cost-effective solutions around. SpaceStud’s thermal bridging properties (ie. the movement of heat through it) is also better than that achieved by solid timber systems. Oh, and since less wood is used in their manufacture, they work out much more cost-effective too.

You can find out more about SpaceStud here. However, if you still have questions about this or any of our products, you can easily contact us anytime by sending a quick enquiry.

Need A Quote for A Structural Stud Wall?

If you have a future project in mind and would like a cost to use SpaceStud, we’ve made things really quick and easy for you. All you need to do is visit the ‘quick quote’ page on this website and supply a few details and we will quickly get back to you. To speed up the quoting process, you can also upload any plans or documentation that you want us to use in the pricing process.

All quotes are provided completely free of charge and without obligation. With all of the benefits to be had by choosing SpaceStud, why would you use any other system?

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