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The Ultimate Stud Wall Construction Solution

Why our customers love working with SpaceStud

By definition, Stud Walls carry structural loads but they can also be non-load-bearing,   for example, as a partition wall. They can be used in steel frame construction projects too. When researching which Stud Wall system is right for your project, you need to take into account:

  1. Thermal Efficiency
  2. Racking Performance
  3. Ease of construction
  4. How cost-effective it is

Let’s take a look at how our SpaceStud system delivers on all of these… and more.

Energy Efficient

SpaceStud Stud Wall timber preparations

In construction, U values show how effective a material is as an insulator - and by association how energy-efficient it is. In today’s construction industry there are strict requirements for providing improved U values. When it comes to stud walls, our customers have told us that this one of the reasons they love working with our SpaceStud system. Put simply, SpaceStud is highly flexible and efficient for both open and closed wall panel construction. It is flexible too, in that it offers increased and variable wall widths whilst always achieving high U values.

Increased Performance & Cost-Effective

Traditional, solid timber studs carried inferior bridging properties to what SpaceStud provides. This means that because less timber is used in their manufacture, they are highly cost-effective and any savings achieved can be passed on to our customers. Other benefits in structural performance are in racking resistance. SpaceStud offers a 20% improvement over standard 38 x 140mm single sheathed timber frame panels.

That ticks all the boxes. However, there are many more benefits to working with Ochil Timber on your project.

Invaluable Support

We’ve been manufacturing and supplying structural timber solutions, including Stud Walls systems, for almost 50 years and SpaceStud is by far the best we have ever seen. Our team of experts are always on hand to provide the very highest level of experience and support. It’s that approach that, we think, sets us apart and that makes our customers confident that, when we work with them, they are getting the very best solution possible - at a very reasonable price.

Get A Free Quote Now

It’s really easy for you to get a free quote for your Stud Wall requirements. You can still take the traditional route and talk to us by calling 01324 825503 during business hours. Or, you can visit our Quick Quote page. Just send on a few initial details and upload any supporting plans you have, and a member of the team will get right back to you.

If you would like more technical detail on the SpaceStud system, you can find out more and download our technical brochures on this page.

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