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What is the leading Timber Stud Wall Solution?

What is the leading Timber Stud Wall Solution?

Main purpose and function of a stud wall

Stud walls are primarily designed and installed to carry loads - structural loads. They are an integral part of any timber framed building project but can also be used conveniently with steel frame construction. Timber Stud walls can also be installed in a non-load bearing capacity, for example as part of an internal partition wall.

In this article we wanted to introduce you to one of the leading stud wall solutions available to construction professionals today – SpaceStud.

Delivered Ready to Install

What is the leading Timber Stud Wall Solution?

SpaceStud can be manufactured and supplied ready for installation to your project by Ochil Timber. The system was introduced by our partners at ITW and is a tried and trusted solution that offers increased and variable wall widths. This means that high U values are more easily achievable whilst using economical insulation.

Our customers love working with SpaceStud because of its flexibility. Not only is it easy to install, but it is also suitable for use in either open or closed wall panel construction. You can find out more about SpaceStud here.

As with all the products we produce, cost is kept to an absolute minimum for our customers. All timber used is sustainably sourced and we ensure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum. This is possible because of our advanced planning and manufacturing processes which also means that overall stud depths of up to 258mm are possible.

SpaceStud is cost-effective for your customers too because its thermal bridging performance beats that achieved by traditional, solid timber studs.

What Next?

This is just a quick overview of what is a truly innovative system. We hope that it has clearly outlined the benefits to you of using SpaceStud in your construction projects. However, if you still have some questions around it, or any of our other products, please get in touch here and a member of our team will contact you right away.

Got project in mind and need a cost?

If you already have a project in mind and would like a quote for SpaceStud, we’ve made things quick and easy for you too. Just visit the ‘quick quote’ request page, send us a few details and we will quickly get back to you.

To speed up the quoting process, you can also upload plans or documentation that you want us to use in the pricing process. Each quote produced is provided completely free of charge and without obligation.

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