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What is the PEFC, and why does it matter?

Timber is a resource that often hits the headlines. And for good reason. Forests are amongst the most biodiverse and valuable ecosystems on the planet and are economically significant to boot. Without the right management, the future of these valuable pockets of land is at risk. At Ochil, we take the future of the planet seriously and it’s for this reason that we value our participation in the PEFC.

PEFC Certified Wood  

But what is the PEFC, and why does it matter?

Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is all about promoting sustainable forest management. An international, not for profit, non-government organisation, PEFC was founded in 1999 and takes the management of forests extremely seriously. Ochil is certified by PEFC for the purchase, processing, storage, distribution and sale of timber, engineered joists, engineered products and trussed rafters. Recognition from this body is a really important part of who we are at Ochil.

Our commitment to sustainable timber

There are various organisations that promote sustainable forest management, but our view is that PEFC is unique because of their certification process. It is the world’s largest forest certification system and is the certification of choice of hundreds of thousands of family forest owners and timber suppliers and manufacturers.

Recognised by suppliers, manufacturers and consumers alike, when you see the PEFC badge on our products, you can buy in the knowledge that we adhere to a strict protocol that has the long term interests of the world at heart. PEFC has one of the strictest standards systems, and takes a truly global view in everything it does. And this suits our sustainability ethos perfectly.

PEFC LogoWhy PEFC matters to you

As a home builder or construction company, both you and your clients are more than likely interested in the sustainability of our planet. While assumptions can be made about products, when it comes to making the right choices for the long term, it’s comforting to have the reassurance that is offered by the likes of PEFC.

Our PEFC certification means that you can buy in confidence, knowing that the timber that we’ve used to manufacture your roof trusses, floor joists or timber rafters has come from a sustainable source. This peace of mind enables you to buy with a clear conscience, in the knowledge that accreditations like this are what helps set you apart from your competitors.

So, if you’re working on a build project where sustainability matters, speak to us about our range of products that come with the PEFC stamp of approval. Get a Quote here or call us on 01324 825503. Our experienced team is here, ready to provide you with the information you need to make the very best decisions about the timber products you buy.

Main image used, courtesy of PEFC.

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