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Why is sustainable timber important?

Selecting sustainable timber is important to virtually all timber merchants. At Ochil Timber, we take our responsibility to the planet and to our customers seriously. One of our ongoing priorities is to make sure that we are able to supply you with high quality products made with sustainable timber at a good price.

A solution for today and for the future

Making sure that timber comes from a sustainable source isn’t only important for today, it is also important for the long term well-being of the earth and its inhabitants. Trees play an extremely important part in reducing the effects of excess Co2 and how forests are managed is a serious issue. A natural filter of carbon dioxide, trees play a significant role in reducing our carbon footprint. Ochil Timber believes this is important and therefore take their role in assuring they use sustainable timber seriously.

As a builder or architect, sustainability is almost certainly on your agenda, so it is more than likely that you make a point of sourcing products with a good chain of custody to sustainable timber. Timber, as a building material is a great choice in any project for many environmental reasons, but as a raw product when the forests are managed correctly, it is a real boost to the environment both in its raw state and when recycled.

It makes great sense

Sustainable timber comes from well managed forests that contain trees of a variety of ages and species. When trees from a sustainable forest are cut down, they are replaced with seedlings to make sure that the natural cycle has the chance to continue.

The way forests are managed is critically important in the control of the risk of global warming. Not only is it essential that seedling trees are planted when older trees are cut down, attention needs to be paid to the eco-systems, watersheds and wildlife in the forest. In effect, the management of forests is a highly sensitive issue. Choosing sustainable timber means you can buy with confidence, knowing that the right steps have been put in place to find a balance between producing the materials you need today and keeping a cautious eye on the future.

When you add this sustainability to the innovative solutions we offer, you start to see why more and more people are looking to Ochil Timber as their trusted supplier. Irrespective of whether you need roof trusses, floor joists, timber rafters or stud walls for your project, we can help. In business since 1973, we are Scotland’s longest established, independent trussed rafter manufacturer. We have many loyal, long-standing clients thanks to our innovative and cost effective design solutions, our range of sustainable timber products, our speedy delivery and of course our great customer service.

If you are planning a project right now and could do with some input from a supplier who who cares enough to be PEFC certified, why not get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you!

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