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SpaceRafter - A Revolutionary Timber Rafter Solution

How Roof Cassette Systems Offer Improved Speed, Safety & Performance. 

By using pre-built roof cassettes, builders no longer need to construct complex roofing structures on the job. Our roof cassettes provide the perfect timber rafter solution because we make them to specification before delivering them straight to the installation site. However, saving time on-site is just one of the many benefits of using roof cassettes. Let’s look at some more. 

Ease of Installation

Prior to delivery, cassettes are numbered and can be loaded and installed sequentially to speed up erection. They are then easily lifted into place and secured.

Thermal Performance

Roof cassettes provide an enhanced energy performance compared to traditional roof construction methods. Rigid, blown or quilt insulation can be fitted inside the voids to further improve thermal efficiency. Less air leakage is achieved, making for a warmer, drier environment.

Less Waste

With every product we manufacture, wastage is minimised by careful calculation and precision manufacturing processes. We also use responsibly sourced, sustainable timber. This essentially protects the environment and eliminates waste on site.

Safer to Work With

Since there is less manual work required on site, there is less time spent working in higher risk areas during construction. Health and safety is always important of course, but at the very least, this becomes less of a concern when working with roof cassettes.

More Living Space

Larger room-in-roof areas are possible because rafters can be ‘top hung’. This eliminates the need for hangers. Longer spans than solid timber is also easily achievable which means that fewer interim supports are required.

Competitive Pricing

The technology and innovation that we continue to invest in here at Ochil means that, nowadays, you don’t have to pay king’s ransom for roof cassettes. In fact, they are, very cost-efficient. Our customers trust us as their preferred supplier to always offer the best prices possible - without ever compromising on quality.

We also employ a team of timber rafter experts, so if you need any help or advice on your project, we are always here to help.

It’s easy to get in touch with us about your timber rafter requirements. If you have plans already drawn up and would like a quick price, you can use our Quick Quote system here. It takes less than a minute to fill in!

Or you can call us during business hours on 01324 825503.

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