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Choosing the Right Rafter System for Your Project

We decided to write this article to help you choose the right rafter system for your next project. Ochil have been manufacturing and supplying timber rafters for almost 50 years. As you can imagine, we know a few things about them. Put simply, the rafter system that you choose should be tried & trusted, versatile and cost-effective. 


A Tried & Trusted Rafter System

Having worked with and considered many systems over the years, the one that we recommend and supply is called SpaceRafter.

In our opinion, SpaceRafter is a truly innovative solution. We are not alone there either because it is now recognised by architects and builders as one of the most efficient, high performance and low-cost timber rafter systems around.

SpaceRafter is particularly well suited to long spans, and it is highly popular because it expedites the construction process. Our rafters can also be top hung which negates the need for rim beams. Long spans also mean that the need for internal load-bearing walls is greatly reduced.

The more they work with it, the more our customers love it. They trust it because it is easy to work with, it’s robust and crucially, it saves them time and money.

The innovation is in its clever construction. We use a combination of timber and metal webbing which provides increased strength and rigidity. It also provides deep insulation and increases the overall thermal performance.

A Versatile Rafter Solution

If you are to select and work with one particular system for the long-term, you need it to work for you in all areas of application. Versatility and ease of use are crucial in builds of all types. Be it commercial buildings or residential, our customers know that SpaceRafter always helps make projects go smoothly. This is why more and more architects and builders have chosen to work with it.


SpaceRafter can also be pre-built and supplied to the site in cassette format. Working with cassettes is extremely convenient, it saves our customers significantly on both delivery fees and build time.

Ease of handling

SpaceRafter is extremely lightweight too. It is extremely easy to maneuver on-site because it doesn’t require a crane.

Cost-effective & Economical

With SpaceRafter, a lot of the hard work takes place off-site. Because it arrives prefabricated, savings are attractive across the board. Less labour is required to build and install it and outsourcing costs for things like crane hire and scaffolding are either eliminated or vastly reduced.

Thermal performance

As we alluded to above, the large voids in our timber rafters allow for excellent insulation. There is plenty of space for rigid, blown or quilt insulation, and meeting thermal efficiency objectives is not only easier, it’s cost-effective too.

All of the timber we use is of course sustainably sourced and waste is cut to an absolute minimum due to our efficient manufacturing processes. 

By working with SpaceRafter and Ochil Timber, architects, builders and our other customers are able to achieve their objectives more easily. We work closely with them to ensure that deadlines are met with minimum fuss and maximum profit.

Get a quick quote for your next project now, or contact us for any advice or information. Our team of experts are ready to help.

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