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SpaceRafter – 7 reasons to choose this innovative timber rafter system

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SpaceRafter is a truly revolutionary way of reducing build times on site, reducing labour requirements, crane hire and scaffolding costs. But more than this, SpaceRafter also provides a safe working platform for your workforce. These are, in our view, great reasons to choose what we believe to be the most innovative timber rafter system. But if you need more reasons, here are 7 of the most important:

1. Cost saving.

SpaceRafter can be constructed off-site as a roof cassette and provides a room-in-the-roof panel solution. Choosing this way of working means significant cost savings when it comes to labour, crane hire, scaffolding, on site storage and security.

2. Fast and safe.

Working with SpaceRafter means that you can take your build to the next stage faster and more safely. It can be delivered and slotted into place when you need it and provides a safe working platform for your workers.

3. Convenient.

When you’re building a roof on site, not only do you need costly skilled workers, but you also need the weather on your side. In Scotland, the weather is notoriously unpredictable. With SpaceRafter you cut the requirement for skilled labour significantly. You also call the shots when it comes to timing.

4. Insulation options.

SpaceRafter is constructed in such a way that there is plenty of space for rigid, blown or quilt insulation. This means that you can choose the insulation solution that works best for your build without feeling restricted.

5. Long spans.

If you’re working on long clear spans, you’ll probably be accustomed to assuming that more intermediate supports will be needed. SpaceRafter removes this need and allows you to cover long spans more efficiently and more effectively.

6. Top hung.

This innovative timber rafter system can be top hung, which removes the need for beams and hangers.

7. Versatile.

SpaceRafter is equally suited to residential and commercial builds, which means you can enjoy all its benefits, no matter which sector you work in.

3 options to choose from

1. Loose SpaceRafters

Can be supplied for both domestic and commercial builds. These also come with the option of having rigid insulation pre-installed.

2. Retrofit SpaceRafters

The fast, easy and cost effective way of adding a room to a home.

3. Cassetted SpaceRafters

Can be used in commercial and domestic builds and come with sheathing, plasterboard and insulation already installed as well as in duo-pitch if you need it.

You can check out SpaceRafter for yourself here.

At Ochil, we can confidently say that from our point of view, SpaceRafter is the most innovative timber rafter system around. If you’re liking what you hear and want to compare SpaceRafter with your current preferred system, get a quote now.

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