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SpaceRafter - the Tried & Trusted Roof Cassette System

Cost-effective, High-performance Timber Rafters

SpaceRafter timber rafters

In this article, we are shining the spotlight on the SpaceRafter solution that we manufacture and supply. Our customers love working with it because it is flexible, easy to install, and due to our precision manufacturing process, it saves them money.

SpaceRafter is a market-leading timber rafter solution with an innovative metal web design. The metal webs make for a much more solid unit than more traditional all-timber rafters. It also means that longer spans are possible and that fewer supports are required. The metal webs also allow for deeper insulation voids and this means that heat retention and thermal performance are greatly increased. 

This potential for longer spans means that the requirement for internal load-bearing walls can be eliminated or, at the very least, minimised giving architects much more room for creativity. SpaceRafter is extremely lightweight too which means simpler and safer handling during onsite installation.

Room in the roof panels

We plan and design SpaceRafter off-site and it can also used as a room-in-the-roof cassette panel solution. This saves greatly on installation times for conversions. Because much of the hard work is already done offsite by us, it’s ease of use improves health and safety compliance.

Our panels are manufactured at our Stirlingshire base before being delivered to the site. Our customers tell us that this has had a positive effect on their overall average build times, which of course means they experience a noticeable increase in their capacity. They also use less labour, less crane hire and less scaffolding costs.

Overall, the whole solution also makes for a much safer and more profitable project.

Summary of Benefits

  1. Long spans than solid timber means fewer interim supports.
  2. Roof cassettes are built offsite which means faster construction & savings made onsite.
  3. Deeper insulation voids ensures high thermal performance.
  4. Manufactured using sustainably sourced timber.
  5. Precision manufacturing means they are cost-effective.

Find out more about our SpaceRafter roof cassette system here, or contact us now if you would like to know more.

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