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SpaceRafter - The Tried & Trusted Timber Rafter Solution

At Ochil, we manufacture and supply a metal web timber rafter solution called ‘SpaceRafter’. Its advanced design and precision build mean it is one of the very best solutions available to construction professionals today. In this article, we thought we would highlight just some of the reasons why our customers choose it over other systems, time and time again.

SpaceRafters ready for delivery.

You Have Options

We fully appreciate that each project is unique or can have its own complications, so it’s always good to have options. With SpaceRafter, you have three to choose from.

1. The Cassette System

When utilised as a cassette solution, our timber rafter system can be installed in both domestic and commercial settings. We know that speed of Installation is important to you and using SpaceRafter cassettes makes things extremely quick and easy. This, coupled with the fact that we supply them complete with sheathing board means that time-on-site is vastly reduced.

2. Loose Rafters

With this option, SpaceRafters are supplied loose. Again, this option works for either domestic or commercial projects and with the option of insulation coming pre-installed between the chords and webs, this is a more traditional, yet highly effective option.

3. Retrofitting

If you’re looking to add a new room to an existing home, this is a great solution for you. Again, installation is simple by design and you can add some significant space to any building with this option.

Timber Rafters at Blair Drummon Safari Park
Quickly installed during construction (Location: Blair Drummond Safari Park).

The Benefits are Many

Potential for Longer Spans

Our advanced manufacturing and design process means that longer spans than solid timber are easily achievable. This means that fewer interim supports are needed and that mechanical runs are accommodated more conveniently.

Lightweight & Efficient

SpaceRafter cassettes are delivered to the site ready-built for placement. The fact that substantial time and manpower is saved across the board is just one of the reasons why our customers love to work with it.

Can Be Top-hung

SpaceRafter cassettes have several top-hung options. Rafters can be supported from the top flange of the rafter which can remove the requirement for metalwork hangers and chamfered wall plate supports. Yet again, valuable time and money are saved here.

Thermal performance

When it comes to insulation, the choice is entirely yours. Blown, rigid or quilt insulation are all possible.

Eco friendly

We are proud to offer you the option that the timber in your rafters can be made from homegrown, sustainable timber.

In short, SpaceRafter is a cost-effective and highly flexible timber rafter solution that you can trust. Contact us now for a free quote for your project using our Quick Quote form or call us on 01324 825503.

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