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Spotlight on SpaceRafter

This is the third article in our spotlight series where we ask some of our in-house experts to give you an insight into our products and services. 

These articles were written to give you an overview of how our team approaches its work, and of the high standards that they strive to achieve. We spoke with our Design Manager, Donald Easton to ask him a few questions about SpaceRafter, our Timber Rafter system.

SpaceRafter Tiimber Rafters

Hi Donald, how long have you been working in the wider construction industry?

Donald: Hi, I’ve been in our industry for 36 Years.

How long have you worked for Ochil Timber?

Donald: I’ve been with Ochil for 24 Years. 

In your experience of working with SpaceRafter and what sets it apart from other Timber Rafter solutions that are available on the market?

Donald: SpaceRafter makes long, clear spans possible which, ultimately, saves time on-site. It also has the advantage of being a lightweight construction making it easier to handle.

What are the main savings and benefits for your customers when they choose to work with SpaceRafter?

Donald: The main benefits are savings in time on site to erect and improved thermal performance when insulation is fitted inside the voids.

In your experience, what do your customers value most about the services and products that Ochil provides?

Donald: Undoubtedly, they value our speed of design and economic costing, with the supply of an accurately manufactured product.

What do you do as part of your job that ensures your customers get the highest standard of service and quality?

Donald: We take a methodical and diligent approach to the interpretation of information provided by customers to produce cost-effective designs on time.

What is the most rewarding part of your role at Ochil?

Donald: Knowing that we have contributed to the successful completion of some varied, and complex projects. 

Get in Touch

Donald and the team can help with your project. You can learn more about SpaceRafter here. If you have an upcoming job in mind, we’ve made it simple to upload plans and get a quick, accurate quote from us here.

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