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The ideal Timber Rafter solution – SpaceRafter

SpaceRafter is a cost effective, open web rafter solution that speeds up the build process and comes with a whole host of unique benefits. With three different options to choose from, SpaceRafter is suited to domestic and commercial builds and saves time, money and frustration - on-site and off.

SpaceRafter - Timber Rafter Solution

SpaceRafter at a Glance

Here are just some of the reasons why SpaceRafter is so popular with home builders and construction companies alike:

Long Spans

With SpaceRafter, longer clear spans can be achieved than with solid timber, which means there’s less need for intermediate supports.


It is equally suited to residential or commercial construction.

Eco friendly

It can be made from home grown timber helping to reduce carbon footprint.


It’s easy to move around and there’s no need for a crane.

Thermal Performance

It allows for a range of different insulation options to improve thermal efficiency.

Speedy and safe

SpaceRafter is available in cassettes to increase construction speed on site. It comes with the option of a hinged ridge and eaves connectors that take away the need for ridge beams, saving time and improving Health and Safety.

SpaceRafter in situ

SpaceRafter Options

Loose SpaceRafter

As the name suggests, this option allows the SpaceRafter to be supplied loose for both domestic and commercial projects. With the option of rigid insulation already installed between the timber chords, this truly is an easy and effective solution.

Retrofit SpaceRafter

Retrofit is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a quick way to add a room to their home. Backed by a simple, straightforward installation method, Retrofit SpaceRafter can add significant space quickly and efficiently, with great results.

Cassetted SpaceRafter

Cassetted SpaceRafters again are suitable for domestic and commercial use and come complete with sheathing, plasterboard and insulation for ultimate speed of installation. There is even the option to choose duo-pitch solutions which are delivered folded and open using a hinge at the apex. The savings here are twofold: they are extremely cost-efficient on-site and they remove the need for a ridge beam.

If you’re a home builder or you’re in the construction industry and you’re looking for a cost effective rafter solution from a supplier you can trust, reach out today and speak to the team at Ochil. You can contact us using our Quick Contact form here or you can call us on 01324 825503. We’d be delighted to share our expertise with you so you can make sure you get the very best rafter solution for your project.

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