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The Metal Web Roof Joists That Do the Heavy Work for You

As a builder, construction company owner or architect you’re almost certainly keen to improve build efficiency. If so, choosing the right roof joists is a great place to start. And when it comes to efficiency, SpaceRafter is hard to beat. If you’re not familiar with them already, you owe it to yourself to check them out – discover SpaceRafter. 

SpaceRafter is a high performance, low cost timber rafter solution. And as roof joists go, you don’t get much smarter than this one.

Heavy Lifting

Save time, build smart

When you choose SpaceRafter, you get a whole lot more than just roof joists. You get a solution that is longer than solid timber which means you can cover long spans with fewer interim supports and in some instances, eliminate the need for internal load-bearing walls. Working this way means that you save time on the build and get the flexibility your clients are looking for.

What’s more, because SpaceRafter comes as a roof cassette, they arrive on site ready to slot into place. Not only does this save you time, it means that you can organise your build to progress like clockwork without having to budget for on-site storage or security. The lightweight construction of this solution also means that handling on site is easy, safe and stress free.

Another important point about SpaceRafter is that once it’s in place, you have a safe platform from which to progress to the next stage of your build.

Improve thermal performance

SpaceRafter is a solution that outperforms many other roof joist solutions when it comes to thermal performance. Its metal web design provides deep insulation voids that can accommodate rigid, blown or quilt insulation – once again giving you flexibility and efficiency rolled into one.

Peace of mind you get knowing you have the Ochil team behind you

When you choose this solution, you also get the benefit of a team that has decades upon decades of experience under its belt. After all, Ochil hasn’t thrived since 1973 without getting a whole lot of things right. We pride ourselves on our innovative and economic design solutions and we go the extra mile to help builders, construction company owners and architects like you make the right choices.

The bottom line is this – when you choose SpaceRafter, you know you’ve made the right decision. Why? Because it allows you to work smartly around the weather; to reduce the need for skilled labour, on-site storage and security and to get your build completed quickly and smartly. Working this way helps you stand out in your sector. It reinforces your reputation for delivering your builds on time, and also means you can keep your price keen at the same time as protecting your margins.

If you’re looking for roof joists that do the heavy work for you, SpaceRafter definitely deserves a place on your shortlist. Get a quote online here.

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