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What to Look for When Choosing a Timber Rafter Supplier

Let’s delve into what needs to be taken into consideration by any construction professional when choosing a timber rafter supplier for their business. It’s important to us, as a supplier, to know exactly what our customers want from us; what attributes they are looking for in terms of services we provide and the quality of products we supply. 

To be a trusted Timber Rafters supplier, these are just some of the qualities that we must hold ourselves to.

High Quality Timber Rafters

When it comes to Timber Rafters, the reliability of the product almost goes without mention. But let’s face it, that’s where it must begin. To be a trusted provider of such important structures, a supplier needs to comply with, and indeed exceed, all the relevant quality standards and regulations required by today’s construction industry.

With SpaceRafter, the Timber Rafter System that we manufacture and supply, not only does it tick all the relevant boxes, it makes life so much easier during installation. Check out this page for more information on SpaceRafter.


As a leading Scottish timber supplier, we never rely solely on the quality of our products. Our customers need to know that we are always there for them. They know that they can get in touch with an experienced member of our team at any time of the day, by phone, email or even through the quick quote or enquiry forms on our website. 

Only by making ourselves readily available to them, can we work in partnership with our customers and build a mutually trusting relationship with them.


By speaking to our customers and learning from them, we have learned over the (almost) 50 years in this trade exactly what challenges they face. This allows us to cover most of the bases for them without them having to ask. This means we are able to offer a great deal of support without getting in the way. The construction industry is extremely busy, and everyone needs to get on with the job in hand without any delays or distractions.

By understanding where issues and hold-ups can occur in relation to the timber products we supply, are able to minimise these. Should something come up that we haven’t covered, and let’s face it, it does happen, then we make sure that we are as co-operative and as responsive as possible (see above).


As a professional within the construction sector, you will already appreciate that time and budgets are always tight. That being the case, you don’t have time to suffer fools when dealing with a timber supplier. It’s important that you have full access to experienced professionals at every turn. Therefore, our management team always deals as directly as possible with our customers. When dealing with Ochil, you will only speak to experienced, trained professionals who know our products inside and out. They will also appreciate all the bases that need to be covered by you, the customer.

Competitive Prices

Timber Rafters aren’t the kind of product that you should be looking to scrimp on. Quality and safety are paramount. However, with the technology and innovation available nowadays, you should not be paying a king’s ransom either.

Everyone knows that quality and value go hand in hand. Timber rafters are no exception, and you should be able to trust your supplier to always offer you the best price they can - without ever compromising on quality. By the same token, if you have any queries on their pricing or in the way it is presented, the supplier should always be open to discussion.

Scotland’s construction professionals have trusted Ochil Timber since 1973. We pride ourselves on giving as much advice and assistance as you need when you need it.

Get in touch with us now about your timber rafter requirements. If you have plans drawn up and would like a quick price, you can use our Quick Quote system here. It takes less than a minute to fill in. Or you can call us during business hours on 01324 825503.

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