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Why More and More Builders Use Timber Roof Cassette Systems

Timber Roof Cassettes Architect PlanningTimber roof cassettes - changing the way builders work

There is no doubt that timber roof cassette systems have changed the way many builders work. For the builders who have embraced this way of working, gone are the days when a truck turned up with a load of timber that they had construct on site. Working this way means they no longer need a huge on-site workforce, nor secure space to store the timber. More importantly, they are much less reliant on the weather being on-side to make the sort of progress that takes their project to the next level fast and impresses their client.

Timber roof cassettes - a revolutionary way to work

If you’re a builder that hasn’t yet moved over to using timber roof cassettes, it’s maybe because you’re wary, or because you just can’t see how they will make your life easier? The thing about timber roof cassettes is that they are truly revolutionary and could completely change how you work.

3 Key Reasons why builders are choosing this way of working

    1. They are cost effective. 

    At Ochil we supply SpaceRafter roof cassettes that can be constructed off-site. This solution makes real savings possible. By reducing on-site labour requirements, crane hire and scaffolding costs, as well as making a build safer and faster, you will see how significant savings can be made.

    2. They save time. 

    Building a roof on-site is a time and labour intensive process that heavily relies on the weather. With the Scottish weather often working against builders, it is easy to see how having a roof cassette delivered and in place on the same day makes life a whole lot easier and saves a great deal of time.

    3. They reduce labour costs. 

    On-site labour costs are inevitable, but the more you can have different elements of the build delivered pre-fabricated, the more labour costs you can save. SpaceRafter is a real favourite with our clients because it makes a tangible and significant difference to their on-site labour costs.

    Add to this, the fact that SpaceRafter is long lasting, safe and can be used on commercial as well as residential builds and we’re sure you could get around to this way of thinking. It makes real business sense.

    If you think it might be time to consider moving over to using timber roof cassettes, we can discuss how this way of working could make a real difference to your business.

    To find out more about how you could revolutionise the way you approach roofing either new builds or redevelopments, contact us.

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