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SpaceRafter Timber Rafter Solution 

Looking advice or costs on timber rafters?

You’ll be glad to hear you’ve come to the right place! People have looked to Ochil Timber for help and advice with timber construction solutions since we were founded way back in 1973. By working with us, you can be assured that you are tapping into the expansive knowledge and expertise that our customers regularly tell us they value. No matter the size of your project or your business, we’re always happy to help.

Public and private sector companies, contractors, builders, contractors, architects and builder’s merchants make up our customer base. And when it comes to timber rafters, all of them are benefiting from the roof cassette solutions that we design and manufacture for them.

What are SpaceRafters?

SpaceRafter is a metal web solution that provides deep insulation voids. This greatly increases overall thermal performance. It’s long, clear spans also provide the potential to get rid of internal load-bearing walls. SpaceRafter is constructed off-site as a cassette system that is then delivered and slotted together. Not only does this save our customers valuable time and resource, it’s lightweight construction means it’s also much easier to manoeuvre into place and handle on-site.

What our customers say

“Ochil is a very pro-active, reliable contractor, delivering services from 100% design, fabrication and installation to installation only. The ‘buildability’ of Ochil’s system was very helpful on what was a particularly tight site at Kinnoull Primary School and it certainly was effective in meeting the brief on airtightness and thermal performance.”

We love nothing more than to hear our clients say nice things about us. The kind words above are from Neil Smyth. Neil is the Construction Director with Morrison Construction and it’s great that he not only acknowledges how effective our products are but also how efficient and economical they are too.

Did we mention that SpaceRafter is also much more cost-effective than traditional timber rafter solutions? Well because of its many efficiencies, it is. Follow this link to read more about the potential and the benefits of SpaceRafter

If you are still at planning stages and would like some help or advice, we’d love to hear from you, so get in touch now. 

Already have plans in place for your project?

This makes it even easier for our team to provide you with the right solution and an accurate price. You can upload your and send plans to us along with your enquiry here. To speed things up, we will look over them to get a better idea of your project before we contact you. 

Get the right team behind you

You will find that all of our staff are extremely approachable and happy to help, and you can rest assured that great customer service is our number one priority at all times. Our experts are ready to lend their experience to your project. By designing and manufacturing the right timber rafter solution for you, we can help make your project run much more smoothly.

Call us today on 01324 825503 or get a quick quote now.

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